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31 Best Ruks Khandagale Web Series To Watch In May 2024 | 5 Dariya News

Ruks Khandagale web series
Ruks Khandagale web series
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16 May 2024

Ruks Khandagale web series: The OTT entertainment industry has grown dramatically in the age of digital streaming platforms. There is a ton of content available with this update to suit a wide range of interests and preferences. Web series on OTT platforms, with their diverse variety of subjects and tales, have become a fan favourite among the numerous genres that have acquired popularity. Ruks Khandagale web series is one such creator who has gained recognition for her joyful and sexy hot stories in the OTT web series space.

In this article, we explore the roles, contributions, and influence these actresses have had on the OTT entertainment industry by delving into their world as shown in the list of Ruks Khandagale web series.

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31 Best Ruks Khandagale web series 2024

Let's know the Ruks Khandagale web series in more detail and see how her portrayals have improved the watching experience.

1. Sabse Bada Rupaya

Ruks Khandagale gives a powerful performance as a woman oppressed by the Sabse Bada Rupaya in this romantic drama. Both reviewers and viewers have praised her for her sensitive and dramatic representation of survival and resistance against societal conventions.

2. Revenge

The web series depicts the breakdown of Jay's family's peace as doubts about his uncle's malevolent plans towards Riya surface, culminating in a startling admission of dishonesty.

3. Ek Haseena Ek Kaatil

Ruks Khandagale stars in this series that dives into the complexities of love and relationships, telling a captivating story of passion and desire. Her nuanced portrayal of a woman divided between tradition and desire enriches the plot, making it a highlight episode in the series.

4. Sautan Saheli

This is a story about a husband. When he is unhappy with his wife, he goes to his girlfriend, who is also a friend of his wife. But he is still unhappy with both of them, the story goes around in the triangle story line.

5. Sapna

Ruks Khandagale gives a riveting performance in this gripping drama about infatuation and betrayal as she navigates the intricate complexities of love and deception. Her portrayal of a woman caught up in a web of deceit and deception keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, making "Sapna" a must-see for aficionados of suspenseful stories.

6. Andhe Ka Dhanda

The story of this web series revolves around a blind person. In which it is shown how a man takes advantage of his blindness and traps the sisters-in-law of the village.

7. Rani Ka Rahasya

In the tense thriller series "Rani Ka Rahasya," Ruks Khandagale plays a shrewd and ambitious lady who becomes embroiled in a hazardous game of deception and intrigue. As the narrative progresses, her character's motivations become more convoluted, leaving spectators guessing until the end. Ruks' depiction adds layers of tension and suspense to the series, making it a compelling watch for aficionados of the genre.

8. Bhabhi Ka Bhaukal

In this series, Chulbul, the cable guy, has an affair with married woman Seema. He meets schoolgirl Soni while with Seema and decides to attach the connection for her. Chulbul plans to get a new subscription.

9. Local Doctor

Ruks Khandagale's powerful and provocative series depicts a young lady who becomes the focus of desire for her patients. As the illicit romance develops, the series delves into issues of taboo and obsession, with Ruks giving a nuanced portrayal that questions society conventions and assumptions. Her performance adds depth and complexity to the plot, transforming "Local Doctor" into a thought-provoking examination of desire and consequences.

10. Crimes and Confessions

An anthology series about love, greed, desire, envy, and gender politics set against various historical backdrops.Every episode will have you on the edge of your seat as you discover the series' darkest and deepest confessions.

11. Do Haseena

Ruks Khandagale plays the crucial part of "Didi" in the sensual drama "Do Haseena," which is about forbidden love and yearning. As secrets are revealed and emotions spark, her character becomes entangled in a web of deception and treachery, which has unanticipated repercussions. Ruks' acting adds a depth of sensuality and intrigue to the series, making it an engaging watch for fans of hot romance and drama.

12. Pyaar Idhar Udhar

'Pyaar Idhar Udhar' tells the story of two buddies who fall in love with one other's wives without realizing it.

13. Rikshawala

Kundan is a young, well-educated rickshawala who meets Nisha by happenstance and befriends her after preventing her suicide. This bond snowballs and Kundan becomes closer to Nisha by promising to teach her niece.

14. Ratri Kawach

She has everything in life, but her need for intercourse is limitless, and she ends up in a horrible relationship, which she later realizes has serious ramifications.

15. Andar Bahar

In this episode of the well-liked anthology series "Andar Bahar," Ruks Khandagale deftly examines the difficulties of role-playing in relationships. Her character travels on a path of self-discovery and desire, blending the boundaries between passion and illusion as dreams and reality meet. Ruks's performance gives the show more nuance and realism, which makes it an engaging examination of human fantasies and aspirations.

16. Dhanno Doodhwali

Dhanno is a Doodhwali who deceives and entices men in order to sell milk and obtain money. Things went out of control one day, and Dhanno and Ekta were implicated in a vicious murder. Dokha and love sex are on the way.

17. Khidki

A young lad who witnesses a couple having sexual contact while driving home from college becomes excited and begins having sex with her maid, setting off a chain reaction.

18. Shadyantra

Ruks Khandagale plays a housewife in the sensual drama "Shadyantra," who is captivated by her employer's enigmatic charm. The show explores themes of temptation and betrayal as forbidden impulses boil under the surface, and Ruks gives a captivating performance that perfectly depicts the complexity of longing and desire. Love drama aficionados will find the series compelling to watch as a result of her performance, which gives it an additional depth of mystery and intensity.

19. Dhoka

When Ruks, a young, attractive fashion designer, arrived from Jaipur with a lofty goal in her eyes. After experiencing professional difficulties, Ruks meets Ricky and Praj, which results in Dhoka, sex, and love.

20. Doraha

After just one night together, Ratna's husband deserts her. After consoling her, her brother-in-law Vivek starts an affair with her. Ratna's life drastically changes when Vivek marries someone else and her husband comes back.

21. Ishqiyapa

Teenage student Karan is carefree and full of life until she falls profoundly, madly in love with Mohini, her new instructor. When Karan learns that the love of his life is already engaged to his brother, his newly discovered love takes a turn for the worst. When Karan realizes he will be miserable for the rest of his life, he is left perplexed.

22. Takk

Shaily, the glamorous and captivating star trainer at a gym, trains ladies more in their beds than in the gym. When he has an accident and injures his genitalia, his life takes an unfortunate turn. The narrative progresses as he works to regain his confidence and sexual potency.

23. Samne Wali Khidki

Ashish is comforted by Anita's embrace after experiencing heartbreak due to Neha's deception. He still doesn't appear ready to engage in a sexual relationship with her, though.

24. Babu Ji Gher Pe Hain

This online serial centers on a father who is losing his vision, a deliberately uninformed kid, a shaken spouse who saw something amazing, and a cunning housekeeper.

25. Chhupi Nazar

In this web series, what does a lady do to save her business? When it comes to business and someone stands in competition, everyone will be watching how the game changes. 

26. Palang Tod

Ruks Khandagale is playing the role of aunt's sister in this web series. The narrative centers on the lives of two women and a little child. The equation is altered when he develops feelings for the young girl. Love has taken over the relationship, leaving him unsure of who to accept. Is love something that everyone can have?

27. Devadasi

The daily activities of villagers. Very few events in life alter two girls' whole set of ambitions. They have to deal with some terrible life events that rob them of their love. Can the girls give up their contented lives?

28. Nympho

The narrative centers on the lives of a little girl with a behavioral issue. She has various romantic interests, but she is unable to stick with them. She destroys the hearts of numerous people who come into her life in her quest for happiness. Her life completely changes after her one romantic experience. Is it possible for her to resume her regular life or go on without a lasting relationship?

29. Faasla

Gunjan is a lively, vivacious woman who enjoys surprising her husband Sameer with spontaneous sex. She once tried to woo her spouse while he was using his PlayStation to play a game. Yogi, who lives next door to them, becomes envious when he witnesses their seduction.

30. My Last Imagination

This is the story of aspiring writer Rishab, who became so consumed with creating his new novel that he began experiencing other people's lives as his own. His passion with writing his story grows daily, and he unintentionally commits crimes that he never intended to.

31. Intercourse 3

The storyline of this web series begins with double the trouble: Rajat, a virgin lad, has a major infatuation on Riya. Another troublemaker is Happy, to whom both of them extend date invitations on the same evening. However, they only own one condom.

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Who is Ruks Khandagale?

It's important to comprehend the idea behind Ruks Khandagale web series before getting into the specifics of the ladies who appear in it. On September 24, 1994, in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, Ruks Khandagale was born. Actress Chhupi Nazar (2022), Doraha (2022), and Bhabhi Ka Bhaukal (2023) are among her well-known works. 

In the cutthroat world of web series, Khandagale has made a name for herself with her daring storytelling and love of taking on controversial issues.

The Impact of Ruks Khandagale Web Series

The Ruks Khandagale web series are renowned for their audacious narrative and unwavering depiction of forbidden issues. Because they frequently play characters with nuanced motivations and gray areas, B-grade actors are essential in giving these stories credibility and complexity. Their portrayals deepen the narrative and help viewers identify with individuals who live on the periphery of society.

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Ruks Khandagale web series includes a broad and brilliant collection of people who have contributed significantly to the digital entertainment business. These women have helped reshape the landscape of Indian web series by fearlessly portraying complicated characters and being prepared to push limits, paving the way for more varied and inclusive storytelling in the future.


1. Are Ruks Khandagale's web series suitable for all audiences?

It's important to note that Ruks Khandagale web series on Ullu often explores adult themes and contains scenes that may not be suitable for all viewers. Therefore, viewer discretion is advised, and it's recommended for mature audiences.

2. How can I watch Ruks Khandagale's web series on Ullu?

Ruks Khandagale's web series is available for streaming exclusively on the Ullu platform. You can subscribe to Ullu through their website or mobile app to access the complete library of content, including her performances.

3. Can I find Ruks Khandagale's web series on other streaming platforms?

As of now, Ruks Khandagale's web series is exclusively available on platforms like Ullu, voovi, and ALTBalaji. They may not be accessible on other streaming platforms.

4. Where can I find more information about Ruks Khandagale's upcoming projects and latest updates?

To stay updated on Ruks Khandagale's latest projects and announcements, you can follow her official social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter.

For more latest updates and news, keep following 5 Dariya News.


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