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Bangalore , 13 Oct 2014

Strange thing is that strangers come stealthily, when you are stuck in a tight spot, and that too quiet unexpectedly. What they bring along is the soothing realization that help is always at hand. It gives profound relief to a disquieting mind that gets perturbed due to various narratives in the negative. You feel it is an overpowering jungle that you are living in, where nothing works, orderly. Might is invariably right.You hear stories-both real and imagined- and get spooked. ‘What if’ scenario starts dancing before your eyes. But in this so called big bad world you come across people who are ready to extend their helping hand, without asking. Even a warm gesture makes a difference, in a big way.I somehow feel that whenever I crib about the self-centric ways of the world and the mad rush in which nothing but the self assumes significance, I run into a Samaritan that tosses my stance. And I completely relish this sudden change which compels me to take people and situations more positively. 

One act of kindness weighs far more than thousand acts of crudeness. One genuine smile is thousand times more refreshing and life-giving than a bundle of never-to-be-fulfilled promises. One considerate look is far more assuring than a heap of insincere praise.How the small acts move us is utterly surprising. They take us by surprise. We are dumbfounded by the sudden flash of goodness that comes our way, uninvited.Negative characters have a strong presence, no doubt. They try their level best to disturb the applecart. The ambience gets highly polluted by the close aids of Lucifer. They seem to close in on you, entrap you and make you feel miserable. And being a victim of human frailties, you find it hard to retain your ground. 

But suddenly you feel all is not lost. Because you have just witnessed a stroke of goodness from one of the least expected quarters. And you get swayed happily in your abiding belief that goodness surmounts all.One powerful moment brings you out of your dungeon of disbelief. And how beautiful is this! To experience the power of little big things that come out of nowhere and forces you to lift your saggy spirits.These installments are not regular. They cannot be scripted in advance. But they sure make you feel better especially when you are being exasperated to death with the uncontrollability of marauders.I wonder at times when nothing seems to be going right; things falling apart. When one positive thought is countered by countless negative retorts. 

When the best resort is to step back and take a relook or shut your eyes. Under such stirring circumstances, whenever I have encountered a reversal, I have thanked Him for His generosity. How beautifully he balances things out. When all doors are apparently shut, He leaves a window open. And i know exactly what the cue is all about.It happens to everybody. He sends his messengers to dispel the dark clouds of misgivings and to assert His idea of goodness. Depends how receptive we are. If you receive His messages well, you will forever see the silver line. The need is to keep the river of faith flowing, unrestricted. It will broaden our horizon, and mend our perception that often gets blurred because of unwanted occurrences and unscrupulous entities. Unknown comes and we are taken aback. A bonsai event with its unrecognizable operating hand leaves a strong imprint that summons the strangulated belief back to where it belongs-the inward eye.



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