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Fashion Tricks to Ace the Diwali Festival

5 Dariyanews

5 Dariyanews

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30 Oct 2019

Fashion Tricks to Ace the Diwali Festival


Are you well-prepped for the Diwali festivities? With the Diwali celebrations having all the hype and feel in every area. It is vital that on a personal level you know all the necessary tricks to look stylish and remain on a budget. To look your finest as you celebrate this festival. You not only prepare your fashionable and trendy outfits but ensure that other parts of you as your skin, hair, and accessories are well sorted. Although there is a lot of pressure for newlyweds as it is their first Diwali together, the mood is contagious as everyone aims to look their best come Diwali. Therefore, here are some fashion tricks that you can keep in mind that will help you ace the Diwali festival in ultimate perfection


Choice of color and material

                                                   Source: fashionbuzzer.com

This first trick is an important one for any Indian fashionista. Colors have a lot of meaning in Indian festivals and other celebrations and the right and vibrant ones are preferred. For instance, you can decide to break the usual choices of reds and pinks that are a favorite during this season and choose different tones. Such as burgundy, mauve that add a touch of class and warmth to your outfit. Once you know the best color for you. Go for a material that is comfortable and suits you best. This is an affordable way to shop compared to designer outfits in similar materials. Hence you can get more from your tailor from a piece of material that could have cost you more if you bought designer palazzo suits for example.

Know your silhouette

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A great fashion trick to avoid looking as if you have a wardrobe malfunction is to know your silhouette. Plus, choose the right silhouette for your body to have an outfit look perfect on you. Although the saree is a silhouette that favors all women you should not limit yourself to wearing a saree during all festivities. Fortunately, there are other garbs that you can still wear in different styles, colors and that have intricate detailing too. Alternatively, with the fashion world getting more diverse you can opt to adorn to a modern silhouette that has a hint of tradition to it. For instance, you can choose jackets or capes that are trending and they give your ethnic outfit a perfect balance of glamour and poise.

The necessary bling 

          Source: andaazfashion.com

These are must-have accessories to blend with your outfit. From the girls' best friends, the diamonds to the retro bling that have made a comeback to the industry. Aim to choose a solitaire if it is within your budget or decide to adorn to the ever beautiful traditional jhumkas, Maang tikas, and chokers will ensure you accentuate your look too. Get one or two of them from your auntie or mother and choose one that will add the dazzle to your outfit. Per contra, although accessories are great and help make a fashion statement. Avoid overdoing them by having too much, for it will look misplaced as having different patterns on a single silhouette.

Treat your skin 

The glow of your skin is a fashion trick that you can never assume. Good skin is an added advantage to look more elegant and fashionable. Can you imagine having the right outfit and accessories but your skin lacks the glow? Have it all together especially as a woman if you are to ace this Diwali and treat your skin. Go for facials or do them at home days to Diwali to have that flawless glow on the days of the celebrations. Additionally, have time to do your manicure and pedicure, waxing among other personal hygiene remedies that also play a role to boost your confidence.

Go indo-western

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The beauty of choosing the indo-western outfit is that it has its fashion tricks within. For instance, if you are running on a low budget. Use traditional festive attire from last year and play the indo-western trick on them by layering them with long jackets, capes, peplum tops that will give your look a fresh start. Optionally, if all Diwali celebrations you choose traditional wear, give it a rest and try some fusion dressing. For instance, a Lehenga with a cold shoulder blouse among others always gives your fashion game a plus. 

Hair and make up


                                                         Source: women planet

For a complete look, your hair and makeup should also stand out and blend in with the outfit. For example, for the perfect hairdo, there are many options you can choose. From stylish braids, a bun, a ponytail among others. Also, you can accessorize with flowers, Juda pins or just have some killer curls or waves to have something different. Once the hair is sorted sort out, your make up for the festival is done with a simple flawless makeup look. Just choose your lip color and the trick here is to know how to play around with the color and how you want it to look.


No one lost his fashion sense by experimenting with something new. Hence, go experimental with your outfit! This simple fashion trick is great for picking a great Diwali look for there are many ideas. Especially, if your friends and relatives know you for a specific fashion style. Surprise them with a different silhouette, new draping style, variations on the hemline among other quirky and playful choices you can get to style your outfit. Be open-minded about this and try a new look and do not be surprised if you get impressed yourself!


                 Source: Pinterest

Last but not least, footwear not any footwear but stylish Diwali footwear. This is because ignoring your footwear is like having an incomplete outfit. The trick here is to invest in various beautiful pairs that when it comes to the Diwali festival you are spoilt for choice on which one to choose. Some great choices are strappy heels, peep toes, jootis, pumps and ensure they are in basic colors hence you can match them with ease with various outfits to enhance your look.


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