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Instead of applying Property TAX , Government should start taking TAX from political parties that arrange Rallies/Gatherings/Power Show

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S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali) , 09 Jul 2016

Punjab Democratic Party President Er Gurkirpal Singh Punjab has said that party will refrain from Rallies/Gatherings/Power Shows and concentrate on grooming the power of one. Since due to Rallies/Gatherings/Power Shows lot of public money is wasted by the government, which is actually the hard earned money of a common man that is levied by government under various taxes. That PDP (Punjab) is against wastage of Public Money and such money should only be used for the development of the state. (For a rally of 14000 people, Rs 2 Crore of the government is spent which is actually public money that includes the Police manpower, CID/Intelligence, machinery, transportation, communication services, overcrowded public places and hassle/traffic jams in area). Rallies/Gatherings/Power Shows are organised by political parties to influence the people and thus grabbing their vote. Actually political parties spend a lot of money for organising Rallies/Gatherings/Power Show so that this influential arrangement turns into a vote grabbing activity. Property tax is applicable in those countries that are fully developed, whereas India is an under developed  country, therefore it is wrong to collect property tax in Punjab by Punjab government. 

Party chief said that PDP (Punjab) would concentrate in Power of One i.e. also present in judiciary and Constitution of India. An Individual can file a court case trial against the whole government, if his/her rights are violated by government. But justice to that affected individual can be done, if his complaint is dealt with in short period of time, rather than giving "next Date" on every "hearing". This should be time bound system where Each and Every Citizen and individual gets justice without delay. As Justice delayed is Justice Denied.  PDP would work on this platform of "Power of One" to convey message to the people in Punjab and in India, that each and every individual is important and special, and government should listen to the grievance without forcing them to stand out and protest outside government places with other affected persons. PDP would protest outside government offices with just One person, to show the value and importance of  "Power of One".      


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