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Why blame the namegame

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16 Apr 2016

The perennial question‘What’s in a name?’ is no more relevant. For there is actually ‘a lot’. Especially in this age and time, when name-gamesport has acquired a pivotal place in the profusely creative minds of our torch-bearers and has become a national discourse, giving us underlings an opportunity to have something meaningful to talk about. It is not a new found phenomenon, rather old and skillfully practiced one.It serves many purposes. To begin with, it creates an illusion which helps us lesser mortals to forget about the mundaneness of our existence and remember and relish the antique glory of our rich past that boasts of guru-chela tradition. Quiet forgotten in modern times.But it is undeniably true that our stupid cribbing about everyday needs like transportation, medical, education facilities plus electricity and water supplies will vanish into thin air once we recognize and heartily acknowledge the mother of all needs- re-christening of a city. 

This promptness in changing the name must be appreciated forat least there is something that catches the attention of our political who’s who. They know how to prioritize the items in their agenda. We need to discern the alacrity with which they bring the desired changes in our lives. Without these changes our lives would have been so lackluster and so delusional. They do us great service by letting us know our past which we conveniently bury in the hustle bustle of our routine, crying foul over the shortages which we think affect our lives.When attention is diverted it takes away so much pain and misery that cripples our lives and make us desperately wait and watch for the changes to begin with.  We all know full well, destination is not important, it is the journey that carries real meaning. So what if our wait is never ending. We need to have the patience and perseverance to weather the blues.Another service which this name change does so religiously is that it gives a meaningful topic for discussion and debate. In the absence of which, we quibble unnecessarily about the things as immaterial as women’s safety issues. Now this is something that appears to be a distant dream and a curse born out of women’s overly ambitious nature and unstoppable desire to make something out of their lives. 

What meaning does it carry in front of most pressing issues like name change for the cities that reek of modernity and millennium status. It is always better to find solace in the times when women were worshipped as deities and enjoyed central position in families with no instances of abuse and excesses. Those were the times. Our political purveyors provide us with a golden opportunity to revel in the past. Our glorious past. So what if there are major concerns eating out our innards. At least we have something to think about and feel bloated. Isn’t this enough? Come on now. We shouldn’t be greedy for more. There are times when certain uneasiness sets in. When as a citizen of the world’s largest democracy you look forward to the changes that would make your earthly existence safe and secure. When the public transport will not transport you into a sleazy show put up by the nuisance makers along with the dirtiness that makes your head spin and your back go rock and roll. When the educational institutes will not be out there to fleece the gullible parents and keep the children in safe environs to grow up with rounded personalities rather than scarred and dented souls. 

When the poor will not die untreated in filthy government hospitals and the mortality rate would come down from the scaling heights and restore dignity to human life. When the youth of the country will be adequately educated and skilled enough to grab decent jobs. When job creation for the demographic dividend  of our country will become a priority for the handsomely paid parliamentarians. When the judiciary will not be forced to pay less than five -minute time to each case in order to get rid of the harrowing pendency. When all this would become a reality, we would perhaps have no more to ask for. And what life would it turn out to be which is bereft of longings and cravings. It is better to stay half-full. So that the other half can be measured up, with such pressing issues like giving new names to the cities and central parks.Never again feel the need and angst to say-what’s in a name? Coz you better know how much there is and how much more can there possibly be. 


Dr Simmi Gurwara is Professor & Head, School of Languages & Culture at Sharda University. She has penned academic books, research papers, articles, short stories and poems that have been published in reputed national and international journals, magazines and newspapers. Creative writing has been her forte. She has extensive media related experience to her credit. She is the script writer and commentator of 4 documentary films commissioned by Films Division (Govt. of India). She is the concept writer of a Hindi feature film “Coffee House” that was screened at prestigious Cannes Films Festival in France in May 2009 and also at the Film Festivals held at Mumbai, Chennai, Goa, Dubai and Iceland. She has worked as translator and dialogue writer of bilingual documentary and crossover films. 





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