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First Balloon Sinuplasty in the region conducted at Fortis Hospital, Mohali

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S.A.S. Nagar , 22 Feb 2012

In a major development in the region, which would help ease the suffering of persons getting troubled by repeated sinus infections, the newer method of sinusitis management using Balloon Sinuplasty was conducted at Fortis Hospital, Mohali on Mr. Vijay Verma, a patient from Ambala. The procedure was conducted by Dr. Anish Gupta, Consultant, ENT, Fortis Hospital, Mohali.

 Giving details of sinusitis, Dr. Anish Gupta said, “This is an inflammation or infection of the sinuses occurring secondary to the blockage of the passage responsible for the drainage of the secretions of the sinuses that surround the nose and eyes. It can cause swelling and facial pain, severe headaches and sometimes a purulent nasal discharge and nasal congestion. Till now, doctors have been enlarging the sinus openings by cutting out inflamed tissue and bone. While this sinus surgery is effective, it is painful and can cause extended periods of swelling plus scar tissue that may re-block the sinus.”

 Talking about the new procedure, Dr. Gupta explained, “Balloon Sinuplasty is procedure which takes just a few minutes and there is no incision or cutting involved in it. A balloon devise is pushed into the affected area in the sinus thru its natural ostium or opening and then inflated. The aim is to stretch the sinus opening back to its original size or a little bigger, letting air into the sinus to help antibiotics finally flush out the infection and end the sinusitis cycle. However, this is a delicate, intricate and highly precision-oriented procedure which only expert doctors with trained support staff and sophisticated equipment can successfully do.”

 According to Mr. Vijay Verma, “For the last few months I had been suffering tremendously as my sinus were blocked and I found it difficult to breathe.  This was seriously affecting my personal life and my career.  When Dr. Gupta talked to me about Balloon Sinuplasty, I immediately opted for it. After thoroughly conducting tests on me, Dr Gupta conducted the procedure and it was over in just 2-3 minutes. In fact, I was back at work in just 3 days. I now have a much better quality of life and my entire family is happy with the turn of events.”

 According to Col H.S. Chehal, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospital Mohali, “In keeping with our mission of providing  the finest medical skills combined with compassionate patient care,  we are always investing in the latest technologies and advancements to help alleviate the suffering of the people. We are very happy that the first Balloon Sinuplasty in the region has been conducted at Fortis Hospital, Mohali.”


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