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UNGA session : Pakistan, other member countries must force India to accept demands of Kashmiris

‘GoI misusing Uri attack to sabotage Pak’s pro-Kashmir efforts’

Rouf Pampori

Rouf Pampori

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Srinagar , 19 Sep 2016

Chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi, on Monday urged Pakistan and all other member counties of the UNGA to take all possible measures during the upcoming session so that India is forced to give Kashmiris their right to self-determine their future.In a statement issued to KNS, she said, “Kashmir is the most sensitive and burning issue in South Asia. Lakhs of people including innocent Kashmiris, Mujahedeen and Indian armed forces have died during this 7-decade-old conflict.”She said not only for India, Pakistan or Kashmir, resolving this issue was imperative for long-lasting peace in the South Asia. “So the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, is duty bound to make all the member countries of UNGA understand that Kashmiris have to be given their right to self-determination. Other members must also understand the need of resolving this issue and must impress upon India to shun the stubborn attitude and give Kashmiris the right to self-determine their future,” she said.Andrabi said that in wake of the Uri attack, India has unleashed serious propaganda to sabotage the Pakistani efforts to highlight the pain and misery of Kashmiris. “Kashmiris know that India can stoop to any level of shamelessness and can employ all cheap means to keep Kashmir occupied.

It isn’t bothered about the bloodshed of Kashmiris as well of its own soldiers and will resort to any means to further the illegal occupation,” she said.“This is the reason that Indian politicians have resorted to rants and false propaganda against Pakistan after the attack in Uri on Sunday. Pakistan and the world must understand Indian deception and must take all effective measures towards resolving this long-pending issue,” she added.Andrabi said that like France, other countries must also take a realistic stand while issuing statements regarding Kashmir. “While condemning the attack on army base in Uri, France was quick to add that there was an utter need to resolve this issue at the earliest. Other Countries like the US and UK must also comment in similar manner when they refer to the Kashmir issue,” she said.

DeM chief said that the world must understand the sensitivity of this issue and must stop India from politicking over it. “If the world doesn’t take this issue seriously, more and more lives will be lost. So it is duty of all the countries in the world to stop India from politicking over this issue. India politicians aren’t even bothered about the lives of their poor soldiers or its own population and can go to any extent to continue occupying Kashmir illegally,” she added.She said that for the past 73 days, at least 90 innocent youth were killed mercilessly in Kashmir while thousands of others were critically injured. “Bloodshed of not only innocent Kashmiris continue but Indian soldiers too are dying. So the common people of India, its armed forces and its civil society must understand that the blood will be continuously spilled unless and until India shuns it’s stubborn Kashmir policy and leaves Kashmir,” she added DeM chief said that the Kashmiri resistance movement won’t be suppressed by force. “With every passing day, people of JK are becoming more and more assertive in their demand for a plebiscite in Kashmir. So Pakistan and the other member countries of the UNGA must take the note of it and must act to address this issue permanently,” she said.

Andrabi said that the refusal to allow a fact finding team of UNHCR to Kashmir reflects India’s stubbornness. “While Pakistan agreed without any hesitation, India declined to allow such a team, it reflects how stubborn India is. So the need is that the UN and its member countries take a unanimous stand against India and force it to accept the demands of Kashmiris. If such measures aren’t taken, Kashmir will be free but not before destruction of South Asia and disintegration of India,” she said. (KNS)



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