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NEWS FLASH Police Arrest Delhi-Based Fugitive Couple Wanted In 5-Kg Heroin Supply CEO Punjab holds virtual meeting with Booth Level Officers H.P. to achieve 100 percent vaccination of Covid-19 by November 2021 : Jai Ram Thakur Zee Punjabi‘s show “Haasya Da Halla 2” opens with a smashing 1.6 TVR numbers Mission Red Sky: Administration Ensures Jobs To 200 Drug-Dependents Charanjit Singh Channi Urges Centre For Helping State In Doing Smooth And Hassle Free Procurement For Kms, 2021-22 When we see a love story it just feels like home : Radhika Madan Shefali Jariwala enrolls in 'Class of 2020' Season 2 Nusrat Jahan, Yash Dasgupta's film 'SOS Kolkata' out on Oct 1 Vanessa Hudgens had online pole dance classes Nikki Tamboli says she's a fan of Chunky as she shakes a leg with him Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhat, Donal Bisht, Umar Riaz set to enter 'Bigg Boss 15' house Sushmita Sen-starrer 'Aarya' nominated at International Emmy Awards Chief Minister releases book Idam Rashtriya Idam Naman CM Sets The Wheel In Motion To End Vip Culture In State By Announcing Curtail In His Security Cover Punjab Government orders Special Girdawri to ascertain damage to cotton crops after pink bollworm attack RC Holds Meeting With Departmental Heads To Facilitate Smooth Inter Department Functioning IPL 2021: Iyer, Tripathi and bowlers help Kolkata thrash Mumbai by seven wickets IPL 2021: Rohit Sharma becomes first player to score 1000 runs against single opposition Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik felicitates Indian U-18 Girls' Rugby Team Kriti Sanon and Shanaya Kapoor talk clean beauty


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Liver abscesses most common in India -- and Covid-19 has pushed up the numbers
IIT Jodhpur researchers use plants to generate electricity from wastewater
Covid virus evolving 'to become better at spreading in air'
Global Covid-19 caseload tops 228.4 million
Understanding how bats resist Covid can aid new treatments in humans
Severe Covid can increase self-attacking antibodies: Study
Face masks do not increase body temperature during exercises
Long Covid may spike early risk of dementia
Global Covid-19 caseload tops 224.6 mn
Covid jabs do not raise risk of miscarriage: Study
Gout medications may aid in Covid-19 treatment
Unvaccinated may be 10 times more likely to die from Covid : US study
Global Covid-19 caseload tops 223.7 mn
Long term effect on heart health post Covid vaccination
Explained: Why diabetics are at risk of severe Covid-19?
Changes in plasma, immune cells linked to Covid-19 severity: Study
Are young Indians at a higher risk of heart disease?
What's driving Delta Covid variant to spread
E-cigarettes containing nicotine cause blood clotting: Study
Lower lung function linked to risk of sudden cardiac death
Coronavirus epidemics 1st hit over 21,000 years ago: Study
Kidney damage is silent killer in Covid patients, say USA's top docs
Covid-19 long-haulers at risk of developing kidney disease
Work pressure raising heart attack, stroke risk in women than men
NZ reports 75 fresh community cases of Delta variant
Human mini-lungs in lab to help develop new treatments for Covid
Delta still dominant variant in South Africa : Scientists
Covid recovery doesn't guarantee antibodies, immunity to re-infection
Not just Covid, most respiratory viruses are spread by aerosols
Explained: Why Delta Covid variant spreads like wildfire
New 4 in 1 BP pill safe, more effective than usual treatment
Green neighbourhoods linked with better heart health
Covid virus can change shape to improve survival: Study
Pfizer Covid jab's side effects in 12-15 year olds mild: Study
Covid-19 linked to high risk of blood clots during surgery
Decoded: What causes Covid-19 mortality
Berries, apples, wine may improve your BP levels
Covid booster shot very effective, shows 1st trial in transplant patients
Covid-19 may likely become childhood disease : Study
One shot of Pfizer vax may be enough for people who had Covid : Study
Can antibodies produced by a Covid variant neutralise others?
Mixing Covishield, Covaxin provides better immunity: ICMR
Scientists identify antibodies to develop pan-coronaviurs vax
Blood thinners show promise in moderately ill Covid patients
High pollution levels increase dementia risk : Study
How nanobodies can help thwart Covid variants
Fully vaccinated people thrice at lower risk of Covid : Study
How fears influence Covid-19 transmission
Covid-19 virus leaked from China's Wuhan lab: US Republican report
Covaxin effective against Delta Plus variant: ICMR
Two-dose vaccination highly effective against severe Covid-19 infection
Covid virus, vaccines does not enter human DNA: Study
Why people are hesitant towards vaccination?
Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar presides over international conference on Sri Aurobindo and India’s Renaissance
Early Covid symptoms differ among age groups: Study
New CDC study rings alarm bells: Vaccinated people can carry as much virus as unvaccinated
Covid-19 infection linked to long-term cognitive dysfunction: Study
Abnormal antibody response may up blood clot risk in Covid patients
Diabetes, high BP raised brain stroke risk in Covid patients: Study
Antibodies drop 50% in 3 months of Pfizer, AstraZeneca jabs: Study
Eyes may signal 'long Covid': Study
Experts sound alarm over hypertension amid Covid-19 pandemic
Explained: How antibodies attack spike protein of Covid variants
Why do some people get severe Covid?
Malnutrition may increase risk of Covid severity: Study
Heart-related test may indicate death risk in Covid patients
Sinopharm vaccine highly efficient against Delta variant: Study
'Fingerprints' of long Covid in blood may lead to diagnostic test
Covid antibodies persist at least 9 months after infection: Study
Covid: Psychiatric patients at high risk of hospitalisation, death
Cholesterol lowering statins can cut death risk in Covid patients
Blood test to track evolution of Covid infection developed
Cells damaged by chronic lung disease can result in severe Covid
Indian Institute of Science scientists find 2 species of electrons in helium
What to keep in mind for good heart health post angioplasty
Flu jab protects against Covid-related blood clot, strokes: Study
'Mild' link between Pfizer, Moderna jabs & heart inflammation: WHO
IIT Gandhinagar creates anti-viral coating to fight viral infections
Study shows why second vax dose of Covid is important
Linking 'Giloy' to liver damage misleading : AYUSH Ministry
Eat almonds twice daily to cut diabetes, cholesterol risk
Why sickle cell disease patients are at severe risk of Covid
Covishield vaccine jab receivers may be denied entry to EU
Final Phase-3 results of Covaxin show efficacy of 77.8% against Covid
Japanese scientists repurpose anti-malarial drug to fight Covid
Anti-diabetic drug can be re-purposed as Covid treatment: Study
Vaping may increase your risk of Covid infection: Study
Covid infection in your pet dogs, cats may be common than thought
Covid-19 infection significantly changes our blood cells: Study
Can white blood cells help kill Covid-19 virus?
Pfizer, Moderna Covid shots delay response in blood cancer patients
Mixing Covid doses may help boost immune response: Study
Covid-19 vaccines likely induce strong, persistent immunity: Study
Prior Covid infection won't affect IVF success: Study
Trauma patients with Covid at 6 times high death risk: Study
Covid survivors may take a year to get back taste, smell: Study
B'luru researchers discover two new ant species, to name one after ATREE founder
Covid-19 virus was 'highly adapted' to infect human cells: Study
Inflammatory syndrome post-Covid rare but possible in adults
This gut bacteria may help fight Covid-19
Alpha, Beta Covid infections less likely to be asymptomatic: Study
Pfizer Covid vax provides higher antibody levels than Sinovac: Study
Scientists discover Covid's link to life threatening blood clots
2-DG effective against all Covid variants, says study
Covid-19 can cause severe inflammation in brain
Glenmark launches dry powder inhaler Tiogiva in UK
Single dose sufficient for those already infected by Covid: Study
How excess sugar consumption causes fatty liver
Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid jab linked to low platelet count: Study
Decoded: How Covid-19 aerosols travel through our lungs
Brain tumour patients must not delay taking Covid vax
Vitamin D may not protect against Covid: Study
Green tea might help tackle Covid: Indian-origin researcher
Alzheimer's 3X raises Covid severity, death risk: Study
Vaccination, Covid boost natural immunity against SARS-CoV-2: Study
Covid stress increased suicidal thoughts: Study
Prolonged air pollution exposure doubles risk of smell loss: Study
Study claims Covid-19 not natural, but result of Wuhan lab-leak
Most Indians experience high fever, tiredness, dry cough symptoms
Antibody from common cold reacts to Covid infection:Study
Sniffer dogs show 88% accuracy in detecting Covid: UK study
Pfizer, AstraZeneca jabs effective against 'India variant': Study
Hypertension, tobacco top most causes of premature mortality
From weight loss to strong bones, health benefits of millets
50% don't seek mental health help despite needing it: Survey
Long working hours raises death risk from heart disease, stroke
Covid human dimension series: Even Covid couldn't separate these Meerut twins
Christians begin cremating bodies, burying ashes
With 50 cases, Gurugram becomes hotspot for black fungus
A steep rise in digestive issues post-Covid, find doctors
Covid deaths in Canada linked to dementia, Alzheimer's: Report
Consults for alcohol-related GI, liver diseases increased amid pandemic
Simple surgery may prevent strokes in heart patients
Covid can trigger blood clots in arms, finds NRI scientist
Foreigners, minorities, doctors targeted for Covid spread in India: Study
Delaying 2nd Covid vax dose in under 65 may cut deaths: Study
Covid jabs won't raise immunity in organ transplant patients: Study
Ibuprofen safe, doesn't raise Covid death risk : Study
5 breathing exercises to strengthen your respiratory system
Covid-19 could cause long-lasting damage to heart: Doctors
Exercise linked to improvement in Covid symptoms recovery
Mild Covid very unlikely to cause lasting heart damage: Study
Double-mutant variant shows enhanced host cell entry, immune evasion
Indigenous herbal medicines helpful in treating mild to moderate Covid
Immediate global ivermectin use can end pandemic: Scientists
Covid may affect blood vessels, heart health of young adults
Tzar Labs announces breakthrough in early-stage cancer with simple blood test
High-intensity exercise generates more aerosols, aids in Covid spread
Decoded: How antibodies neutralise Covid infection
Novel paper-based sensor to detect antimicrobial pollutants
The impact of Covid-19 on high blood pressure
New nanobody-based treatments may help fight Covid
Prone position helped octogenarian beat Covid
How diabetes, cancer & pesticide exposure raises Covid risk
Patients hospitalised with Covid at risk of heart failure
Covid smell loss: Avoid steroids, try smell training
A fatty liver can be dangerous to your heart
High Vitamin D dose fails to help Covid patients recover
Covid survivors at high risk of death, serious illness : Study
Junk foods may damage your bones
Multivits, omega-3, probiotics may cut Covid infection in women
Covid vax 'safe' in people with high-risk allergies: Study
DRDO develops SpO2 based oxygen delivery system
Self-prescription could be dangerous to liver, warn doctors
Covid pandemic linked to 6 unhealthy eating behaviours
New insect species from Kosovo named after coronavirus
Novel personalised cancer vaccine safe : Study
Blood pressure pills may raise heart disease risk in people with HIV : Study
Peanut butter for weight loss
Gum infection linked to elevated BP
Novel technique to detect biomarker for cancer
IISc researchers develop new, faster way to detect TB
Gallbladder, biliary tract cancer cases up 76% in 3 decades
Study links angiography with reduced stroke treatment time
Guava roots can help fight diabetes : Research
Study reveals cancer cells may evade chemotherapy
Is vegan diet linked to poorer bone health?
Vision impairment linked to mortality
Are good bacteria getting viral infections?
'Brain stimulation & exercise can restore movement in ataxia'
Fat cells may influence how body reacts to heart failure
New technology enables predictive design of engineered human cells
Northeast India's first 'Kargil Vijay Smarak' in Assam
Asthmatics no higher risk of dying from Covid: Study
Eating more refined grains increase CVD, death risk : Study
Lung ultrasound may help predict Covid patient outcomes
This immune cell in blood may up severe Covid risk
This immune cell in blood may up severe Covid risk
Brain pressure disorder that causes vision problems on the rise
Novel way for weight loss in patients with obesity, diabetes
Higher coffee intake may reduce prostate cancer risk
Novel tech may help cancer patients manage symptoms
'Commonly used BP medications safe for Covid patients'
Novel drug form may help treat calcium-related disorders
Governor Bandaru Dattatreya visits Indian Institute of Advanced Study
New research explains severe virus attacks on lungs
New study strongly suggests Covid-19 enters brain
High social media usage may up depression risk: Study
New model shows promise to treat lung fibrosis in Covid patients
Mediterranean diet cuts risk of heart attack: Study
Pap smear tests: At what age and how often?
Vaccinate people with diabetes on priority: Researchers
This antiviral drug blocks Covid virus within 24 hrs: Study
Researchers develop sensor to detect fatty liver disease
Researchers to explore how vitamin D affects Covid-19
COVID has underlined the importance of Integrated Healthcare System : Dr. Jitendra Singh
High BP in midlife is linked to increased brain damage: Study
Drinking cocoa can make you smarter: Study
Green Mediterranean diet better for heart health: Study
People with eye disease, diabetes at 5-fold risk of severe Covid-19: Study
Vegans, vegetarians at higher risk of bone fractures: Study
COPD in Covid-19 era: Smokers, beware!
Study reveals how smoking worsens Covid infection airways
Diabetes drug can treat and reverse heart failure: Study
Food insecurity linked to higher cardiovascular death risk
Bisexual people more than twice as likely to smoke : Study
Vitamin D lessens severe eczema symptoms in kids: Study
Dietary supplement may help in treatment of fatty liver : Study
Abnormal Blood Pressure while sleeping can increase stroke risk : Study
Vitamin B3 can protect skin cells from UV-induced skin cancer
Hidden till now, air pollution emerges as leading risk-factor contributing to strokes
High-fat keto diets can prevent, reverse heart failure: Study
Study finds molecular link between meat diet, cancer risk
High flavanol diet may lead to lower blood pressure: Study
Kidney disease linked to higher death risk for Covid-19 patients : Study
Swine coronavirus has potential to infect humans: Study
Facing back pain? You could be suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis
Petrol pump attendants at more risk of headaches, high BP: Study
Those at depression risk listen to sad music more: Study
How diabetes can affect your eyes
Daily almond intake cost-effective way to prevent cardiovascular disease
BP medicine may lower death risk from flu, pneumonia
Union Raksha Mantri Rajnath Singh lays foundation stone of Calibration Lab Building at SASE
Covid-19 vaccine rollout unlikely before fall 2021: Study
Cardiac arrest common in sick Covid-19 patients: Study
'Vitamin D cuts complications, risk of death in Covid patients'
Common diabetes drug linked to low risk of major heart issues
Smokers increasingly trying e-cigarettes to quit: Study
Researchers find potential drug for dangerous enterovirus
World Alzheimer's Day: Avoiding drugs, healthy lifestyle key to combat disease
Chinese researchers develop neural system for brain-machine interface
Keto diet could reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease
Stroke scans can reveal Covid-19 infection: Study
UV light kills Covid-19 virus without harming people: Study
Smoking linked to bleeding in the brain: Study
Turmeric supplement effective in osteoarthritis knee pain: Study
Gestational diabetes may accelerate child's biological age
Leg fat may reduce high blood pressure risk : Study
People with thyroid problems at greater risk of anxiety
Common drugs linked to increased risk of Alzheimer's disease
Arthritis drug may improve early stages of heart disease
Early bronchitis linked to worse lung health in middle age
Want to live longer? Avoiding red hot meat may help
Permanent hair dye may up cancer risk in women: Study
Handgrip can detect people at high diabetes risk: Study
'BMI more powerful risk factor for diabetes than genetics'
Exposure to air pollution contributes to higher BP, hypertension: Study
High BP can be treated without ruining sex life: Research
Study uncovers how Covid-19 kills, offers possible ways to stop it
Depressed teens at heart attack risk in midlife: Study
Vitamin C can be key to better muscles in later life : Study
BP medication may improve Covid-19 survival rates: Study
Scientists develop injectable HIV drug with fewer side effects
Eat broccoli and cabbage to reduce heart attack risk
Covid-19 may not spread through breast milk: Study
Low humidity, dry air can increase Covid-19 risk: Study
All you need to know about bone health
Every citizen must fight the Covid war: Experts
BCG vaccine is safe, does not increase Covid risk: Study
Vitamin D twice a day may keep vertigo away
Blood test can diagnose baby brain damage just hours after birth
Women with polycystic ovary syndrome at heart disease risk
Vitamin D deficiency lead to higher osteoporosis risk: Study
Some BP drugs linked to greater risk of heart failure
Vegan diets may lower BP even with limited meat, dairy
Eat chocolate once a week to keep your heart healthy
Common Blood Pressure drugs don't increase risk of Covid-19 severity
Low levels of awareness about typhoid: Survey
Regular exercise helps prevent high BP, even in areas with high air pollution
Gum disease may up mouth, stomach cancer risk : Study
Researchers identify possible drug target for prostate cancer
Respiratory droplets from cough last longer in humid, cold climates
Covid-19 cannot be transmitted from mosquitoes to humans: Study
Sweeten day to day life without thinking of the calories
New antiplatelet drug shows promise for treating heart attack
Researchers develop coating that kills corona virus in 1 hour
Childhood abuse can elevate heart disease risk in women : Study
WIHG reveals 35 thousand-year history of river erosion in Ladakh Himalayas
Study shows that COVID 19 may affect the Central Nervous System causing loss of smell and taste
CIMAP’s Herbal products may boost immunity to avoid infection
Coronovirius can spread through Currency notes Investigate demands CAIT
Air pollution in India linked to heart attack, stroke
High dose of O-T-C niacin supplement linked to blindness
Hotter weather linked to higher suicide rates
Red wine can treat depression, anxiety: Study
5 hours daily on phone increases risk of obesity
One-hour exercise with proper hydration may tackle low BP
Cancer tissue-freezing may help patients cut treatment cost
Eating this bacteria may cut heart disease risk
Electronic cigarettes damage brain stem cells : Researchers
Vitamin D deficiency at birth ups risk of high BP in kids
Dangerous toxins found in enamelled decoration of beer bottles
Air pollution linked to hypertension, heart diseases: Study
Statins may double diabetes risk: Study
Drink coffee to tackle obesity, suggests study
1 in 4 women go on date for a free meal: Study
Frequent vacations good for your heart
Breast cancer raises heart disease risk
Drug to boost growth in kids with dwarfism shows promise
Asthma patients skipping doses owing to high cost: Study
Evening exercise as good as morning workout
Smoking may impair blood pressure autocorrect system
Heavy red meat eaters at increased risk of death
High calorie diet causes brain health to decline faster: Study
Lowering BP, sodium intake may cut 94 mn early deaths
Here's how night owls can advance sleep timings by 2 hours
People want gay marriage to be legal in India: Study
Junk food consumption ups allergy risk in kids
This tool customises caffeine intake for alertness
Nicotine in e-cigarettes raises chronic bronchitis risk: Study
Unsalted tomato juice cuts heart disease risk
Childhood adversity ups risk of mental health disorder
Eating blueberries can improve heart health
Depression may put women at risk of chronic diseases
Women with stomach cancer live longer than men patients
Flavoured e-cigarettes trigger heart disease risk
Unhealthy food at work ups risk of lifestyle ailments
Biocon to soon market breast cancer drug in Canada
Have plenty of curd daily to reduce anxiety
Here's why you should apply sunscreen indoors too
Heart disease risks in overweight, obese kids similar
Women with sleep apnea at greater cancer risk
Every fourth patient visiting AIIMS dissatisfied: Survey
Drinking coffee does improve bowel movement
Heart attacks more severe in morning than night
Chewing gum additive linked to colorectal cancer
AI can beat doctors in predicting heart attack
Good sleep, mood can help you stay sharp in old age
New AI method predicts future risk of breast cancer
Heart failure deaths rising among younger adults in US
Improving fitness can help you cut cancer risk
Decoded: Why people love to have coffee or beer
Eating walnuts daily lowers heart disease risk
Scientists find cocaine in UK shrimp
Quitting smoking cuts bladder cancer risk in women
Cancer-stricken village near nuclear test site cries for help
Smartphone, AI may help detect diabetic retinopathy
Exam stress? Shun fast food now
New treatment for diabetic kids shows promise
e-cigarettes effective way to quit smoking: Indian study
Heavy, tall kids at higher risk of kidney cancer
Suffering from high BP? Don't take work stress lightly
Eating comfort food in stress will add extra kilos
Smartphone game can help detect Alzheimer's risk
Indian women at high death risk from diabetes: Study
Cancer patients more likely to use marijuana: Study
AI can diagnose PTSD by analysing voices: Study
Endogamy may up infertility risk in Indian men
This tiny cell is good news for cancer survivors
NYC declares health emergency due to measles outbreak
New AI system may help detect prostate cancer
Diabetes in pregnancy ups the risk in kids later
Novel app may predict hernia risk after abdominal surgery
Muscle power likely to help you live longer: Study
Prostate medicines linked to Type-2 diabetes
How chronic stress promotes breast cancer development
Food additive in frozen meat, crackers worsens flu
Vitamin D excess may lead to kidney failure
Just one drink daily can raise stroke risk
Stop smoking cigarettes before they make you blind
France bans breast implants linked to rare cancer
Massive rise in mental health awareness in India
Just 20-minute 'nature pill' can lower your stress
Media multitasking may increase obesity risk: Study
Long travel to work during pregnancy may harm baby
Regular intake of sleeping pill may impact BP
Scientists discover new prospect of treating autism
High insulin in newborns ups brain damage risk
Excess body weight may lead to pancreatic cancer
Exercise can boost health in breast cancer survivors
Gazing at coffee reminders can arouse your brain
Working in shifts may increase heart disease risks
Drinking orange juice daily may keep strokes at bay
This deadly bacterium is present in everyone's skin : Study
Your body may not cope with evening stress : Study
Habitual tea drinking can lower risk of fracture
Hair regrown on damaged skin on lab mice
Lung disease in middle-aged people may up dementia later
Lung disease in middle-aged people may up dementia later
Eat less meat to meet climate targets : Study
Obesity increases asthma risk in children: Study
Ancient genetic mechanism's discovery to aid treatment: Study
Sperm count 50% lower in men whose fathers smoke: Study
Air pollution exposure linked to breast cancer: Study
Hypnotherapy may offer treatment for irritable bowel syndrome : Study
Mother's weight determines child's BMI : Study
Twitter bots played 'disproportionate' role in 2016 US polls : Study
Aspirin and omega-3 safe, lower bowel cancer risk : Study
Depression linked to increased risk of irregular heartbeat : Study
New drug shows promise in halting spread of brain cancer
Bullying, violence at workplace linked to heart disease, strokes
New dual-action virus effective in treating cancer
Omega-3 fatty acids reduce preterm birth risk : Study
Weightlifting less than an hour a week may cut stroke risk
Probiotics can help increase bone density : Study
Can managing cholesterol reduce Alzheimer's risk?
Coronary calcium tests better predictor of heart attack risks
AI tools may fail during key medical diagnosis : Researchers
Researchers develop affordable cellphone-based tool to detect HIV
Social media use linked to depression, loneliness : Study
Soy-formula milk linked to menstrual pain later : Study
Exercise, diet apps boost health well-being in youth : Study
Human babies and chimps laugh alike : Study
Poor aerobic fitness can up diabetes, heart disease risk in kids
Your genes may not help you live long
Weight management in pregnancy may affect child's bone health
Eat veggies, fish to ward away heart disease
Early rising women at lower risk of breast cancer : Study
Childhood stress linked to brain disorders later : Study
Neanderthals were not bent or clumsy : Study
High calorie meal for dinner may up heart disease, diabetes risk
Skin cancer deaths higher in men than in women : Study
Cerebellum also refines thoughts : Study
This drink makes deadly brain tumour cells glow, aids surgery
People relate body shapes to personality traits
Genes tied to obesity may shield you against diabetes
Increasing protein intake can reduce disability risk in elderly
Processed meat, carbonated beverages may up kidney failure risk
Weight loss surgery may prevent womb cancer in obese women
Head, neck cancer survivors at increased suicide risk : Study
Stress in middle-age can impair memory, reduce brain size
Breastfeeding can lower risk of maternal high BP: Study
Hard work, no pay linked to mental health issues in comedians : Study
Heart patients should take walk breaks every 20 minutes : Study
Immunotherapy plus chemo extends life of breast cancer patients
Short interrupted breaths in sleep apnea deadlier : Study
Better cardiorespiratory fitness linked to longer life : Study
Cycling, walking in nature may improve your mental health
Inflammatory bowel disease ups death risk : Study
Inaction makes sexual harassment survivors feel disempowered : Study
Pungency is the key in mustard oil
Over 70% Australians face sexual harassment : Study
Gun owners becoming more politically active in US : Study
Cannabidiol effective against depression : Study
Stroke patients at 70% higher risk of dementia: Study
Even low exposure to arsenic, lead may up heart disease risk
Anaemia in pregnancy may signal heart disease, says study
Intake of low-carb diets can be unsafe: Study
This AI system spots often-missed lung cancer tumours
How diet can aid in healthy cellular ageing in women
Low muscle strength linked to premature death: Study
'Heart patients should give birth before 40 weeks'
Emotional stress key factor for heart attacks in women: Study
This smartphone app can help detect irregular heart beat
Your forehead wrinkles may predict cardiovascular death risk
New universal flu vaccine offers protection against multiple strains
Air pollution can damage your kidneys : Study
Frequent on-off relationships may up depression, anxiety risk
Early self regulation skills may cut toddlers' obesity risk
There is no safe level of drinking alcohol : Lancet
Eat heart-healthy diet to cut belly fat
Smoking conventional, e-cigarettes daily can be more dangerous : Study
High bad cholesterol ups death risk even for healthy : Study
Milk at breakfast can help manage diabetes risk
Your eyes can predict risk of Parkinson's disease
Moderate carbohydrate intake may lower mortality risk
Prenatal Tdap vaccination does not increase autism risk : Study
Vaping damages vital immune system cells : Study
Fertility treatments may up autism risk in children
Novel tattoo-like electronic skin can help monitor health
Heavy drinking, abstinence from alcohol may up dementia risk
How weight loss can help stop Type-2 diabetes
Obsession for flawless selfie can affect mental health : Study
Smoking can affect breastfeeding habits : Study
Overweight in middle age linked to low breast cancer risk
Can drinking too much water harm you?
New blood test can detect pancreatic cancer in minutes
Eat yogurt 'appetizer' to cut down chronic inflammation risk
Severe menopausal symptoms may spike risk of heart disease
Good cholesterol may up gastro, pneumonia risk
Novel skin patch to monitor diabetes developed
Anti-epileptic drugs may up Alzheimer's, dementia risk
No high death risk for breast cancer patients from heart ailments : Study
Muscle loss may up mortality risk in breast cancer patients
High BP patients prefer pill, tea than exercise
New drug may hold promise in preventing breast, lung cancer
Bedside chart may ease cancer patient's pain
Knee pain can trigger depression in elderly
Weight-loss surgery may prevent kidney disease, failure
Research team finds new anti-cancer protein
Protein that can stop cancer identified
Grilled meat can make your BP levels soar : Study
Non-steroidal painkillers may harm your heart
High meat intake may up liver disease risk
'Diabetes drug can cut build-up of liver fat'
Poor dental health linked to diabetes risk
Why breastfeeding is important for high-birthweight infants
New diabetes drug may help obese to reduce weight
Small dose of Viagra daily may cut colorectal cancer risk
Cancer survivors get more easily fatigued : Study
Urological cancer linked to increased risk of suicide
Omega-3 levels may better predict mortality risk than cholesterol
Mindfulness meditation may lower major depression risk
Smoking may up risk of hearing loss
Managing eating habits may be key to mitigate malaria, parasite : Study
Scientists identify 36 new genes implicated in cardiac disease
Stored blood may be unsafe for severely injured patients
Living in sunny climate may cut multiple sclerosis risk
High Vitamin D levels linked reduced risk of liver cancer
Kidney dysfunction more common in women than men
Vitamin D deficiency may up forearm fracture risk in kids
Women with larger waistline are at higher risk of anxiety
Novel blood test may detect Zika more accurately
Babies who look like their father become healthier
Wearing helmet may reduce spine injury risk during crash
Strong relationships may counter health effects of childhood abuse
Smoking during pregnancy linked to asthma severity in kids
New tool may identify risk for post-surgical dislocations
Healthy diet may not prevent effects of high salt intake
Heart attacks at weekends more likely to kill young men
Heart failure more likely for some breast cancer survivors
Your smartphone is damaging the environment, says study
Kids with low birth weight at higher risk of heart disease
Antibiotic misuse may adversely affect cancer treatment
Young men more vulnerable to mental illness than women
Hormones do not affect girl's gender identity : Study
Teachers may help reduce mental health problems in children
Scientists discover new target to treat depression
New skin cell culture technique developed to study HPV
Arthritis drug may help lower blood sugar levels
Fish oil supplements in pregnancy may cut kids' allergy risk
Playing football linked to increased cardiovascular risk
Drinking 'grassmilk' may boost heart health
'Tummy tuck' reduces back pain after childbearing : Study
Metformin during pregnancy may up childhood obesity risk
50 new gene regions linked to schizophrenia risk identified
Daffodils extract may help combat cancer
Stem cells may help to stay strong in old age
How gut bacteria may increase obesity risk
Heat build-up lesser in chaotically arranged cities: Study
Google AI shows how eyes could reveal heart attack risk
Sleep problems in menopause linked to hot flashes, depression
Excess calcium in your brains' may up Parkinson's risk
Novel blood, urine tests may predict autism in kids
Common BP drug may prevent onset of Type 1 diabetes
Heart surgery in infants may cause deafness
Maternal deficiency of Vitamin D may up childhood obesity risk
Eating yogurt may reduce risk of heart diseases
Manipulating gut bacteria may cut obesity, diabetes risk
How materialism may harm your married life
A soda a day may cut your chances of conceiving
This 'selfish' gene may prevent heart disease
Childhood sibling bullying triples schizophrenia risk later
Ultrasound, blood test together may boost liver cancer detection
Your body could soon power wearable devices
Diet may help halt breast cancer spread : Study
Early Briton had dark skin, blue eyes : Study
Zika brain damage may go undetected in pregnancy : Study
Dye could offer treatment for malaria patients
Chronic diseases raise cancer, mortality risk
Cancer 'vaccine' found effective in mice
Traumatic brain injury linked to dementia risk even after 30 years
Brain pacemaker to help Alzheimer's patients
Vitamin D3 may heal or prevent damage to your heart
Bacteria in milk may trigger rheumatoid arthritis : Study
Egyptian 'Two Brothers' mummies were half-siblings : Study
Communities in Rajasthan have high tolerance for wildlife : Study
How gut bacteria, broccoli can help keep bowel cancer away
Depression in older adults with high BP may delay recovery
Frozen embryos as good as fresh ones in IVF pregnancies : Study
Paracetamol in pregnancy may delay daughters' language skills
Touring for work too often can up anxiety, depression risk
Weight-loss surgery may cut heart disease risk among adolescents
Childhood asthma, food allergy may up anxiety disorder risk
Dietary sugar linked to spread of superbug : Study
Baby formula from cow's milk may not up diabetes risk : Study
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