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Adampur by-polls will open the doors for AAP to come into power in Haryana in 2024 : Arvind Kejriwal

Adampur is set to enter by-polls after 3-4 months, this by-poll will be the trailer for Assembly Elections 2024: Arvind Kejriwal

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Chandigarh/Hisar , 08 Sep 2022

As part of his historic nationwide Make India No. 1 Yatra, AAP National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal led a massive Tiranga Yatra and Jansabha in Adampur, Haryana. The Tiranga Yatra came a day after the AAP Convenor launched the Make India No. 1 Yatra from his birthplace Hisar, giving the campaign a boost. 

AAP Convenor Shri Arvind Kejriwal's gave a clarion call during Make India No 1 Yatra in Haryana saying Adampur by-polls will open the doors for AAP to come into power in Haryana in 2024.Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “Adampur is set to enter by-polls after 3-4 months, this by-poll will be the trailer for Assembly Elections 2024. 

Adampur will be our entry gate to Haryana and through that gate itself Aam Aadmi Party will form government in Haryana in 2024. I am traveling all over the world to fix schools-hospitals, you too can get me to fix your schools-hospitals. I appeal to all the youths to bring an end to old style politics and bring in our new-age politics. 

Khattar Government is closing down government schools day by day; if government schools are closed like this, then where will the children of the poor go?. We don't want to shut down government schools, but instead increase their number and make them excellent. Today we are all suffering from inflation because they used our tax money to write off loans worth 10 lac crores for their friends.”

Further talking about his mission, the Delhi CM said, “We will go to every state and bring people together; whoever wants to join our mission can give a missed call on 9510001000. To Make India No 1, we all will have to ensure free & excellent education, healthcare, electricity and water besides employment for all. 

There’s only one purpose left to my life now, I am on a mission to Make India No 1; we will all come together and make India the strongest and greatest nation of the world.At the same time, Punjab CM Sardar Bhagwant Mann said, “People of Adampur now have a chance; make the AAP win here and teach these people a lesson. 

These days our country’s national jumla factory is working overtime to spread hate among the masses. I request everyone to beware of them and avoid their traps.”

All these parties have done nothing but to fill their own coffers, AAP is a next-gen party; youth can come to us with their ideas and build a new & better Haryana: Arvind Kejriwal

AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “I am overwhelmed by seeing so many people here today who have come from a far distance despite the heat to interact with us. I have a special connection with Aadampur. Several of my relatives live here.

In-laws of my uncle and brother live here, and several distant relatives as well. Many of them have joined us here as well. When I was studying in Hisar, I completed my matriculation from Campus School and intermediate from D N College. I was a young and shy kid but good in academics. 

I used to top my class. I secured 6th Rank in Kurukshetra University in Haryana when I was in Class 11 & 12th. And that time, I never thought that I would ever enter politics. Not even in my distant dream did I know that God would put me in such a high position. However, God had other plans. You cannot predict life, God can take you anywhere.” 

He added, “Then I went to IIT and completed my engineering. Delhi became my Karambhoomi. So many of my relatives and friends are here, all I want to say is wherever I went I made sure that Haryana’s head is always held high. I never let it go down. I have brought remarkable development in Delhi. 

We have transformed schools. People say that Haryana’s son has done a wonderful thing. Entire world is praising our schools. Two years ago, the then US President Donald Trump came to Delhi with his wife and First Lady Melaina Trump. During their visit, she said that she has heard a lot about schools built by Kejriwal and she wanted to visit our schools. 

It’s a big thing. The Prime Minister insisted a lot that she should visit schools of the Central Government or other state governments. However, she was adamant that she only wants to see Kejriwal’s school. The US President tours the entire globe and his wife accompanies him. 

She never visited any school in any other country but she visited schools built by our government. Though the entire country felt proud but people of Haryana felt extra pride because I am their son. I am your own.”He continued, “We transformed the government hospitals in Delhi. They are air-conditioned. 

People get medicine and tests free-of-cost, no matter if they are rich or poor. If the treatment costs as less as Rs 10 or as much as Rs 20 lakhs, our government will bear the expense. We have opened mohalla clinics in every part of Delhi. The PM of Norway came to visit a mohalla clinic and said to the media that the entire world should have such mohalla clinics. 

We supply electricity in Delhi 24x&7 and that too free of cost. This is magic. God had given this boon to me only. Only I can achieve both. With the Almighty's blessing on me, people of Delhi get zero bills. Also, I have given jobs to 12 lakh youth in the past 5 years.” 

Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “My brother Sardar Bhagwant Mann is now the CM of Punjab. He has completely eliminated corruption from all the government departments. No officer can dare to ask for bribery because he has made it clear that if someone does so, people can send a recording and he will suspend them within 24 hours. 

Not even six months have passed since his government came to power and they have already opened 100 mohalla clinics. People in Punjab are also getting zero bills. I have passed on this art to him as well. They have also started revamping the schools.”

He added, “I want to say this to the people of Haryana that I am roaming around and transforming schools, hospitals everywhere. I am giving free electricity everywhere. You should give me a chance to do it here as well. It is my birthplace, my state. 

Why don’t you give me a chance? I will transform schools in Haryana. Your CM is shutting down government schools everyday. Where will the common man send their children to study? 18 lakh students study in government schools of Haryana. They have turned the government schools into a scrapyard. 

Common man send their children to government schools when they do not have any choice. The moment they have some savings, they enroll them in private schools. We have turned the tide in Delhi. 4 lakh children have got transferred from private schools to government schools in the past 2-3 years. And this includes children from rich families. I can do the same in Haryana.”

The Delhi CM said, “I have also fixed private schools in Delhi. Earlier, they used to raise the fees every year. They used to hike the fee arbitrarily in the name of development fund, library fund, picnic fee and what not. We have stopped all this. We conducted an audit of all the private schools and ended the mafia. 

I am your son, you should give me a chance in Haryana. Sardar Bhagwant Mann is getting requests for help in getting admission in Delhi government schools, and not private schools.” 

He added, “We have to increase the number of government schools instead of shutting them down. And we have to transform them as well. These people are giving an excuse that they shut down the schools because the children dropped out. The real reason behind it is systematic destruction of government schools. They do not have teachers. 

Who will send their children to such schools? If you revamp your schools, people will start sending their children to government schools. We have transformed schools and education. We have to revamp hospitals, the way I have done in Delhi. Sardar Bhagwant Mann has built mohalla clinics in Punjab. Haryana should give me a chance as well to build such mohalla clinics.”

He asserted, “People are happy with getting electricity free-of-cost but the other parties are saying that I am giving free ki rewari to the people. Every minister of theirs gets 4000 units of free electricity every month. Is it not free ki rewari? But when I give 300 units of electricity free-of-cost, they have a problem. 

Atleast, I am not stealing money and depositing it in Swiss banks. I am giving the taxpayer their money back. People give my blessings because I have provided free treatment to crores of Delhiites. I do not have money of my own. I do not have anything. My bank accounts are also empty. 

These people sent CBI-ED to scan our accounts but they did not get anything. I have nothing except the blessings of crores of those people to whom we provided treatment free-of-cost.”The AAP National Convenor said, “Elections in Haryana are due after 2 years. 

You should give a chance to your son. If I do not transform Haryana, you can kick me out and I will not come back. Today’s rally in Adampur is a trailer of that election. Elections will take place here after 3-4 months. The sitting MLA has been in power since 1998. 24 years have passed.

If he has done something good, vote for him. If not, you have to bring a change in Haryana. In 2019, we won 1 Lok Sabha seat in Punjab when Sardar Bhagwant Mann became MP from Sangrur but we came to power in state government within three years in 2022. I request you to help us win the Adampur seat in 2022, I assure you we will form a government in Haryana in 2024.”

He added, “There was a time when Admapur had an aura in Haryana, a domination. It had a great reputation in the state. Where did it go? Make us win here and Adampur will restore its aura. Entire country will know about this place. It will come on the World Map because of our party’s victory. 

Admapur will be AAP's entry point to Haryana and we will form the government in 2024. I am appealing to everyone, especially the youth, to take it upon yourself. We have to bring fresh politics and end the redundant politics in Haryana. All the parties have looted us. They did nothing except filling their own pockets. AAP is a new party with new faces, energy and ideas. We will make a new Haryana with fresh ideas.” 

“A few people said that there are these many Bishnoi, Baniya, Jatt, Brahman in Haryana. I want to ask everyone if they want to see their children getting quality education or not? Only I can do it. Everyone wants electricity free-of-cost, only I can do it. Irrespective of what caste you belong to, only I can give jobs to your children. You have already tried every other party,” he said. 

AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “I also want to talk about something really important and that is inflation. Every family is in stress because of increasing prices of every commodity. When I ask people why inflation is on a rise? They say it is happening on its own. God has done it. 

I want to ask you whether God has any problem with you? The real reason is the tax imposed by these people in an arbitrary manner in the past few years. People also have this misconception that only a few people pay taxes. The reality is everybody pays taxes, even a newborn. You give Re 1 as GST on every chapati you eat. 

You give Re 1 as GST on every bowl of Dahi you eat. You give taxes when you buy clothes. You pay tax on the fan as well as electricity. Recently, these imposed tax on food items like dahi, honey, wheat and rice. It is the biggest reason behind inflation. Only air is tax free but if these people will come to power once more, they will tax the air as well.” 

He asserted, “Even the British did not impose tax on food items. So where did the billions and trillions of money they collected via tax go? The government collects all the money. Did they build any road, school or hospital in the past five years in your area? No work has been done then where did this money go?

It went to the friends of these people. They have written off loans worth billions and trillions which were owed by their friends. Their billionaire and trillionaire friends have taken loans from the banks in the tunes of Rs 5-10 thousand crores. At the time of repayment, their intentions turned malicious. 

They went to the government to write-off their debt. The government does not waive-off the loans of farmers or students but they have written-off debt worth lakhs of crores owed by their billionaire-trillionaire friends.”

He continued, “One of their friends took a loan of whooping Rs 87 thousand crores. 

The government wrote-off the entire amount. Where did the money come from? The money came from the tax you paid on chapati and milk. They wrote-off debt worth Rs 12 thousand crores owed by another friend. In total, they have written-off loans worth Rs 10 lakh crores from taxpayers’ money. 

This is the sole reason behind inflation. When they ran out of money and a friend came with a request to write-off his debt of Rs 7 thousand rupees, they called the minister to hike tax on butter milk. When    another friend comes with a request to write-off his debt of Rs 9 thousand rupees, they again call the minister to hike tax on inflation. 

All the information I am stating is true or else they will file a case against me. I am a well-educated person. I worked in the Income Tax Department. I understand all their mischiefs very well.”  Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “Such is their audacity that they tried to topple our government in Delhi when we have 62 out of 70 MLAs. 

They planned to trade 40 of our MLAs and they were offering 20 crores to each one of them to leave AAP. They were offering ministerial posts along with cash. But all of our MLAs are honest and noble. These people brought Rs 800 crore to buy our MLAs. Where did they get this money from? They toppled the government in Maharashtra. 

They broke down the MLAs of the ruling party and it did not happen for free. Some people are saying that they got Rs 50 crores, others said they got Rs 40 crores. They also overthrew governments in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa and Assam. They have traded 277 MLAs so far. 

Even if you estimate with Rs 20 crore per MLA, these people have spent Rs 6 thousand crores. Where did this money come from? This is taxpayers’ money.”He added, “I have come here to talk about a special mission. It’s been 75 years since the country got independence. 

A lot of countries went ahead of us in this duration. The question arises why did we lag behind? We are no less than anyone. I always say when God created the universe and subsequently mankind, India gave birth to the most intelligent and brightest humans. Why did we remain behind, why did we remain poor? 

Why did our children not get quality education? Why did our people remain illiterate? This question comes to the mind of every individual. We do not lack anything. God has given us everything. India is home to rivers, mountains, minerals, herbs, all crops, and the ocean.”

AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal concluded, “For the past 75 years, these politicians and political parties only pulled dirty politics and nothing else. They have only amassed wealth for themselves. There is only one hope. And that’s why I have set sail on this nationwide journey. 

We have to unite 130 crore people of this country. The day this will happen, no one can stop India from becoming the no.1 country in the world. We have to give quality education to our children, reemployment to our youth and provide healthcare to the people. We have to build schools and hospitals. 

Unless that happens, India cannot become the best country in the world. In 1947, the entire country was united, and we drove the British out of our country. We have to unite again. You have to give a missed call on 9510001000 and we will become a part of this mission. You will be connected to us through WhatsApp. 

And it is not a party’s initiative. People from any party can become a part of it. Those who want to see India becoming no.1 can become a part of it. It is my dream and we have to do it together.” 

At the same time, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Bhagwant Mann stated that observing the affection of the people of Adampur, he could gauge that the people of Adampur are ready for change. “Politicians approach you and ask for your vote, and you vote for them. 

Those leaders go to the assembly and claim to be the representatives of lakhs of people. My issue is, do such leaders consult with you when they change parties? Did Kuldeep Bishnoi ask you before he joined the BJP? Did JJP tell you that if you vote for us, we'll form a government with Khattar? What happened to them now? 

The buttons on the EVM don’t stand for panja, haathi, kamal, or jhaau, but for whether you will get decent education for your children, good health for your parents, and affordable electricity. A chance has now come for Adampur to teach a lesson to politicians. Make AAP win and teach them a lesson. This has happened right next to you in Punjab. 

Punjab is now governed by the Aam Aadmi Party. Punjab's government has been in place for five and a half months. In Punjab, each MLA will now receive only one pension. Corruption is over, 100 Mohalla Clinics have been opened. Thousands of people are coming for free treatment. 

Medicines are completely free. Since July 1, electricity has been made free. We had promised that if a soldier died while on duty on the border, his family would receive Rs 1 crore, and we are fulfilling it. It could have happened earlier too, but it didn't.”

AAP takes out massive Tiranga Yatra in Adampur

Today, as part of his nationwide Make India No. 1 Yatra, AAP National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal led a massive Tiranga Yatra in Adampur, Haryana. The Tiranga Yatra was attended by senior Aam Aadmi Party leaders, including Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Bhagwant Mann, as well as a large number of volunteers and supporters. 

The Tiranga Yatra was the first in the Make India No. 1 Yatra series. It came a day after the AAP Convenor launched the Make India No. 1 Yatra from his birthplace Hisar, giving the campaign a boost. The Tiranga Yatra today reflected the zeal and enthusiasm of the locals for the Make India Number One campaign. 

With the tricolour in hand, those in the Yatra could be seen appealing to everyone to join the Make India No. 1 campaign. The streets were packed with supporters the entire time.

AAP National Convenor Arvind Kejriwal had launched the Make India No 1 Yatra from his birthplace Hisar on 7th September 

AAP National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal had launched the nationwide Make India No 1 Yatra on Wednesday. He had pitched his vision to form an alliance of 130 crore Indians to make India the strongest and greatest nation of the world at the launch event. 

The nationwide Make India No 1 Yatra was commenced from the AAP Convenor’s birthplace Hisar, Haryana. Shri Arvind Kejriwal has enlisted his roadmap for making India No 1 by ensuring free & excellent education, healthcare, electricity and water besides employment for all. The AAP Convenor will be going to every state and to bring people together. Whoever wants to join his mission can give a missed call on 9510001000.


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