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107th Indian Science Congress 2020, Bangalore publishes Ajay Sharma’s generalized form of Newton’s Third Law of Motion

334 years old Newton’s Third Law of Motion neglects the SHAPE of body

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Bangalore , 14 Jan 2020

Sharma’s paper generalizing Newton’s 334 years old Newton’s Third Law of Motion, has been published in 107th Indian Science Congress 2020. According to Sharma’s research, the third law of motion neglects SHAPE of body. In 334 old history of the law, it is regarded as true without specific experiments pertaining to shape.On August 22, 2018, President of American Association of Physics Teachers Professor Gordon P Ramsey (Loyola University, Chicago, America) gave report on Ajay Sharma’s paper.  According to report shape based experiments suggested by Ajay Sharma are original and can prove Newton’s law inadequate. In 2019, scientists of National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi (of CSIR) agreed in report that the shape is not significant in Newton’s third law. If it is confirmed in experiments then opportunity would be huge. Also they suggested that Sharma must send complete experimental research project.  Apart from this many scientists from different institutes have asked for experimental observations.Suppose we have different bodies of rubber of mass 1kg of different shapes e.g.  sphere, semi-sphere, triangle, square, cone, flat or irregular shape. The bodies are dropped from height of 1meter. The force of gravity between bodies and earth (mg) is action which is equal to 9.8newton in each case. After striking the sphere may come to original height, and we say that action is equal to reaction. Newton’s law is justified in this case.But bodies of different shapes do not rebound to original height. Thus reaction is less for bodies of different shapes. The reason is different shapes of bodies. Thus shape is neglected in Newton’s third law but experimentally it is significant.Due to this reason Newton’s third law is generalized or extended, so that the law may account for the shape of the body. The generalized form implies that action may be less, more or equal to reaction.Sharma has humbly requested Prime Minister Sh. Narender Modi, Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Harsh Vardhan , Chief Minister Sh. Jai Ram Thakur, Education Minister Sh. Suresh Bhardwaj ji to provide him experimental facilities . Like this modification of Newton’s third law of motion can be finally confirmed. The experimental confirmation of third law of motion means Nobel Prize for India.  Dr C V Raman got Nobel Prize for work done in science on Indian soil in 1930 i.e. 90 years ago.

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