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Covid pandemic linked to 6 unhealthy eating behaviours
New insect species from Kosovo named after coronavirus
Novel personalised cancer vaccine safe : Study
Blood pressure pills may raise heart disease risk in people with HIV : Study
Gum infection linked to elevated BP
Novel technique to detect biomarker for cancer
Gallbladder, biliary tract cancer cases up 76% in 3 decades
Study links angiography with reduced stroke treatment time
Google launches website to help parents with kids' tech use
Study reveals cancer cells may evade chemotherapy
Is vegan diet linked to poorer bone health?
Vision impairment linked to mortality
Are good bacteria getting viral infections?
'Brain stimulation & exercise can restore movement in ataxia'
Fat cells may influence how body reacts to heart failure
New technology enables predictive design of engineered human cells
Asthmatics no higher risk of dying from Covid: Study
Eating more refined grains increase CVD, death risk : Study
Lung ultrasound may help predict Covid patient outcomes
This immune cell in blood may up severe Covid risk
This immune cell in blood may up severe Covid risk
Brain pressure disorder that causes vision problems on the rise
Novel way for weight loss in patients with obesity, diabetes
Higher coffee intake may reduce prostate cancer risk
Novel tech may help cancer patients manage symptoms
'Commonly used BP medications safe for Covid patients'
Novel drug form may help treat calcium-related disorders
New research explains severe virus attacks on lungs
New study strongly suggests Covid-19 enters brain
High social media usage may up depression risk: Study
New model shows promise to treat lung fibrosis in Covid patients
Mediterranean diet cuts risk of heart attack: Study
Pap smear tests: At what age and how often?
Vaccinate people with diabetes on priority: Researchers
This antiviral drug blocks Covid virus within 24 hrs: Study
Researchers develop sensor to detect fatty liver disease
Researchers to explore how vitamin D affects Covid-19
High BP in midlife is linked to increased brain damage: Study
Drinking cocoa can make you smarter: Study
Green Mediterranean diet better for heart health: Study
People with eye disease, diabetes at 5-fold risk of severe Covid-19: Study
Vegans, vegetarians at higher risk of bone fractures: Study
COPD in Covid-19 era: Smokers, beware!
Study reveals how smoking worsens Covid infection airways
Diabetes drug can treat and reverse heart failure: Study
Food insecurity linked to higher cardiovascular death risk
Bisexual people more than twice as likely to smoke : Study
Vitamin D lessens severe eczema symptoms in kids: Study
Dietary supplement may help in treatment of fatty liver : Study
Abnormal Blood Pressure while sleeping can increase stroke risk : Study
Vitamin B3 can protect skin cells from UV-induced skin cancer
Hidden till now, air pollution emerges as leading risk-factor contributing to strokes
We face a competitive environment : Sundar Pichai
Be very aware of consequences if Section 230 is tweaked : Sundar Pichai
Eroding Section 230 can collapse Internet communication: Mark Zuckerberg
High-fat keto diets can prevent, reverse heart failure: Study
Study finds molecular link between meat diet, cancer risk
High flavanol diet may lead to lower blood pressure: Study
Kidney disease linked to higher death risk for Covid-19 patients : Study
Swine coronavirus has potential to infect humans: Study
Facing back pain? You could be suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis
Petrol pump attendants at more risk of headaches, high BP: Study
Those at depression risk listen to sad music more: Study
How diabetes can affect your eyes
Daily almond intake cost-effective way to prevent cardiovascular disease
BP medicine may lower death risk from flu, pneumonia
Covid-19 vaccine rollout unlikely before fall 2021: Study
Facebook makes managing groups easier
Cardiac arrest common in sick Covid-19 patients: Study
'Vitamin D cuts complications, risk of death in Covid patients'
Common diabetes drug linked to low risk of major heart issues
Smokers increasingly trying e-cigarettes to quit: Study
Researchers find potential drug for dangerous enterovirus
Chinese researchers develop neural system for brain-machine interface
Stroke scans can reveal Covid-19 infection: Study
UV light kills Covid-19 virus without harming people: Study
Smoking linked to bleeding in the brain: Study
Turmeric supplement effective in osteoarthritis knee pain: Study
Gestational diabetes may accelerate child's biological age
Leg fat may reduce high blood pressure risk : Study
People with thyroid problems at greater risk of anxiety
Common drugs linked to increased risk of Alzheimer's disease
Mo Farah, Hassan break one-hour world record in Brussels
Arthritis drug may improve early stages of heart disease
Early bronchitis linked to worse lung health in middle age
Want to live longer? Avoiding red hot meat may help
Permanent hair dye may up cancer risk in women: Study
Handgrip can detect people at high diabetes risk: Study
'BMI more powerful risk factor for diabetes than genetics'
High BP can be treated without ruining sex life: Research
Google not in race to buy TikTok: Sundar Pichai
Study uncovers how Covid-19 kills, offers possible ways to stop it
Depressed teens at heart attack risk in midlife: Study
Vitamin C can be key to better muscles in later life : Study
Pakistan demolishes Hanuman temple, Hindu homes in Karachi
BP medication may improve Covid-19 survival rates: Study
Scientists develop injectable HIV drug with fewer side effects
Eat broccoli and cabbage to reduce heart attack risk
Low humidity, dry air can increase Covid-19 risk: Study
Facebook will junk Trump posts for violations: COO Sandberg
All you need to know about bone health
China braces for heavy rain from typhoon Higos
Every citizen must fight the Covid war: Experts
Vitamin D twice a day may keep vertigo away
Satellite images show scale of destruction after Beirut explosions
Women with polycystic ovary syndrome at heart disease risk
Twitter plans 'Undo Send' button with paid subscription service (Ld)
Vladimir Putin discusses Russians' detention in Belarus with Security Council
Vitamin D deficiency lead to higher osteoporosis risk: Study
Mentally I'm planning for US Open to go ahead : Andy Murray
Some BP drugs linked to greater risk of heart failure
Vegan diets may lower BP even with limited meat, dairy
New Google fund to address missing data for key research
Google spying on users' data to learn how rival apps work: Report
Eat chocolate once a week to keep your heart healthy
Common Blood Pressure drugs don't increase risk of Covid-19 severity
Regular exercise helps prevent high BP, even in areas with high air pollution
Vladimir Putin orders Russian navy to modernize warships
Rita Wilson: Why wouldn't you wear a mask if it's good for your health?
Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans in Joe and Anthony Russo's 'The Gray Man'
'Joker' is UK's most complained about film in 2019
67 missing, 14k displaced in Indonesia floods
I'm now completely fit and can ride like I want: Marc Marquez
Dakota Fanning reveals what Brittany Murphy taught her
Chris Evans: I'm a very clean person
Facebook expands Messenger screen sharing to iOS, Android
YouTube brings back 1080p streaming option in India
All lives don't matter until black lives matter : Faf du Plessis
Noah Centineo joins Dwayne Johnson in 'Black Adam'
This compound may help avert lung destruction in Covid patients
Solar Orbiter probe snaps closest pictures of Sun
New antiplatelet drug shows promise for treating heart attack
Google redesigning Gmail to make it a productivity hub
Coordinated social engineering attack has hit us: Twitter
Researchers develop coating that kills corona virus in 1 hour
Reconnaissance plane crash in Turkey kills 7
Childhood abuse can elevate heart disease risk in women : Study
Seven killed in Taliban attack in Afghanistan
Trump vs Fauci reaches fever pitch as WH smear campaign rages
Nations heading in wrong direction with Covid-19 : World Health Organization
More people could slip into hunger as result of COVID-19 : Antonio Guterres



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