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The instrument of the Devil

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5 Dariya News (Jack Terrible)

25 Mar 2015

Islam is the instrument of the Devil.

Islam is supposedly purely peace.

But the opposite is seen daily

in the news all the time.

Civil wars, rebellions, bombings, beheadings,

rapes, pedophilia, long beards and burkas.

It's all unprecedented aggression.

And of course the immense hatred 

for the free West.

And who protested at the islam 

is put away as racist.

Critics of islam are murdered or secured.

Hate and aggression are prescribed 

by the quran, the book of the Devil (Allah).

The false "prophet" Mohammed 1400 years ago.

Including their followers (all muslims).

Otherwise they are punishable by death.

Renegades await the death penalty.

All christians, infidels, Jews, homosexuals and 

other believers await the death penalty too.

Prescribed by the Devil and carried out 

by his followers.

They are fighting day and night to power.

Freedom of expression is prohibited 

and they see the free West like the Devil.

Indeed, islam is the greatest danger 

on the earth!!!


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