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23 Popular Rekha Mona Sarkar Web Series List 2024 | 5 Dariya News

Rekha Mona Sarkar Web Series
Rekha Mona Sarkar Web Series
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5 Dariya News

5 Dariya News

5 Dariya News

12 Jun 2024

Rekha Mona Sarkar Web Series: Actress, model, and social media influencer Rekha Mona Sarkar is Indian. She is well-known for her work on TV series and OTT platforms like Kooku, Voovi, and Ullu. 

2020 saw her achieve great success with the Kooku online series Golden Hole and Jassi King The Fakr, and Palang Tod Caretaker, her first online serial on the Ullu app in 2020, helping her get a large following. 

Additionally, Rekha Mona led a few online series like Suno Bhabhji, Suno Devarji, Golden Hole, and Jassi King. She also worked for the Kooku app. Here is a collection of Rekha Mona Sarkar web series and short films.

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23 Best Rekha Mona Sarkar Web Series List 2024

This article delves into the fascinating realm of actress 23 Best Rekha Mona Sarkar web series list endeavors, examining her noteworthy roles, industry accomplishments, and global audience influence.

1. Chaar Saheliyan

Champa, Buchi, Bachani, and Chanda, four buddies, get back together. Champa, who recently got married, unwillingly tells her friends all about her wedding night, much to their joy.

Web Series Cast - Aayushi Jaiswal, Rekha Mona Sarkar, and Muskaan Agrawal

Release date  - May 13, 2022

OTT Platform - Voovi

2. Nasha Chaahat Ka

Some people are so driven by ambition and greed that nothing in life matters to them, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Web Series Cast - Rekha Mona Sarkar, Sumeet Singh, and Yuvraj Pathak

Release date  - October 14, 2022

OTT Platform - Primeflix

3. Mamma the spirit

Mamma the Spirit is a horror web series. The story of this web series revolves around the soul of a wandering woman. The director of this web series is Sunil Varma.

Web Series Cast - Rekha Mona Sarkar, Sumeet Singh, and Yuvraj Pathak

Release date  - October 14, 2022

OTT Platform - Primeflix

4. Dunali

A young boy's world is turned upside down by an unusual medical ailment that directly affects his sexual life, and everyone attempts to take advantage of him.

Web Series Cast - Nehal Vadoliya, Shubham Deorukhar, Babul Bhavsar, and Rekha Mona Sarkar

Release date  - July 13, 2021

OTT Platform - Ullu

5. Dildo

A blogger is visiting a hamlet to write a blog on woman's pleasure. Upon discovering that the villagers have never experienced pleasure, she attempts to enlighten them about it. Can she do it?

Web Series Cast - Bushra Shaikh, Rekha Mona Sarkar, and Mahi Kaur

Release date  - June 10, 2022

OTT Platform - Voovi

6. Kavita Bhabhi

On March 22, 2022, Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 Part 4—which starred Rekha Mona Sarkar, Kavita Radheshyam, Rushali, and Sanket Singh Chauhan in the key roles—was launched on the over-the-top platform Ullu. Kavita is portraying the characters of Sanket Singh Chauhan (Mukesh), Rekha Mona Sarkar (Ragini), Rushali (Mangla), and Radheshyam (Kavita Bhabhi) in this web serial.

Web Series Cast - Kavita Radheshyam, Amita Nangia, Rekha Mona Sarkar, and Nishant Pandey

Release date  - January 10, 2020

OTT Platform - Ullu

7. Love Guru

The online series Love Guru, which features Rekha Mona Sarkar in the major roles with Sonalika Prasad and Akshay Sethi, debuted on December 26, 2021. This online serial tells the tale of a recentlywed couple. Akshay Sethi, who exhibits aggressive conduct, talks to Love Guru about it and is urged to develop humility. In this online series, Sonalika Prasad portrays the Love Guru character.

Web Series Cast - Gehana Vasisth, Gaurav Singh, Khushi Dalguch, and Rekha Mona Sarkar

Release date  - March 10, 2022

OTT Platform - Woworiginals

8. Palang Tod

The narrative centers on the lives of two women and a little child. The equation is altered when he develops feelings for the young girl. Love has taken over the relationship, leaving him unsure of who to accept. Is love something that everyone can have?

Web Series Cast - Mahi Kaur, Tarakesh Chauhan, Noor Malabika, and Rekha Mona Sarkar

Release date  - December 25, 2020

OTT Platform - Ullu

9. Life Insurance

A web series on the OTT platform "Hot MX" is called Life Insurance. which came out on January 20, 2022. This online serial tells the tale of Neerad, a man from Pune who is returning home. When he gets home, Nirad's wife Charmi is dead in the bed and the front door is open. Nirad now examines the outside and inside of the house and discovers that there hasn't been another occurrence similar to Chauri there. He phones the cops right away.

Web Series Cast - Rekha Mona Sarkar, Deepti Tiwari, and Himanshu Sharma

Release date  - January 26, 2022

OTT Platform - Hot MX

10. Hotspot

Hotspot OTT platform 'Ullu' has a web series called Raatein Rangeen Banaayein. which features Rekha Mona Sarkar as the title role. 'Prashant Nair' is the director of this online series. a young man who becomes enamored with the girl after conversing with her online. When they first meet, the girl asks the boy for money so that she may satisfy her wants, and as soon as he offers it to her, the girl takes off with his money and leaves the city. Is it possible for the boy to locate the girl?

Web Series Cast - Rekha Mona Sarkar, Aayushi Jaiswal, Meena Sharma, and Arshi Khan

Release date  - September 10, 2021

OTT Platform - Ullu

11. Zoya Ki Pyaas

Zoya Ki Pyaas is an online series that debuted on the OTT platform "Night Cinema" on May 17, 2021. The series features Zoya Rathore and Rekha Mona Sarkar in the key characters. In this web series, Zoya Rathore is portraying the character of Zoya.

Web Series Cast - Ajay Bafna, Zoya Rathore, and Rekha Mona Sarkar

Release date  - May 17, 2021

OTT Platform - NightCinema

12. Kaaya Ki Maaya

'Kindi Box' is an over-the-top platform where the web series Kaaya Ki Maya is available. Rekha Mona Sarkar plays the major role in this web series alongside Nikhil Parmar, Hitesh Sampat, and Diara Rajput Charmi Gherwada. "Jignesh Shah" is the director of this online series. This online series tells the tale of four buddies. who spend their weekends out. They become stuck in Maya's bungalow once they enter. Is he going to be able to escape that place?

Web Series Cast - Hitesh Sampat, Rekha Mona Sarkar, and Nikhil Parmar

Release date  - April 23, 2021

OTT Platform - Globalzonetoday

13. Miss Chhaya

The online series Miss Chhaya airs on the OTT platform Kiwi TV. Along with Rekha Mona Sarkar, the main cast of this web series includes Juhi Chatterjee, Aarohi Barde, Shakespeare, and Prashant Kumar.

Web Series Cast - Hitesh Sampat, Rekha Mona Sarkar, and Nikhil Parmar

Release date  - April 23, 2021

OTT Platform - Globalzonetoday

14. Suno Bhabhiji

This narrative describes how the seemingly innocent Alka and Somya take advantage of Jethalal, Pannalal, and Chamanlal in order to get all of the family's property rights. Let's examine the thinking behind this elaborate scheme.

Web Series Cast - Shakespeare S. Tripathy, Rekha Mona Sarkar, and Rajnish Jaiswal

Release date  - December 30, 2020

OTT Platform - Kooku

15. Suno Devarji

On December 24, 2020, the OTT platform "Kooku" published Suno Devarji. It stars Gaurav Singh and Shakespeare alongside Rekha Mona Sarkar in the major roles. The webseries revolves around the relationship between the brother-in-law and sister-in-law. a spouse who interacts with her brother-in-law.

Web Series Cast - Shakespeare S. Tripathy, Rekha Mona Sarkar, and Gaurav Singh

Release date  - December 23, 2020

OTT Platform - Kooku

16. The Weekend

The lives of a couple are central to the story. They make the decision to have a joyous weekend together. They discover something unique when they try new things. Can they maintain their relationship and love indefinitely?

Web Series Cast - Shakespeare S. Tripathy, Rekha Mona Sarkar, and Sachin Sharma

Release date  - December 23, 2020

OTT Platform - Kooku

17. Two Hot MILF

The online series "Two Hot Milf" airs on the OTT platform "Gup Chup." This web series revolves around the lives of two girls. People who are in a romantic mood purchase pizza online and limit their romantic relationships to pizza vendors.

Web Series Cast - Rekha Mona Sarkar, Shahbaz Khan, and Niranjan Nalawade

Release date  - September 30, 2020

OTT Platform - Gupchup

18. Mohini Bhabhi

'The Cinema Dosti' is an OTT platform that hosts the online serial Mohini Bhabhi. which has Nikhil and Rekha Mona Sarkar in the major roles. This web series tells Mohini's tale. who is a lady in marriage. When Mohini gets to know her neighbor, the plot changes. After then, Mohini's life completely altered.

Web Series Cast - Sharanya Jit Kaur, Rekha Mona Sarkar, and Vikas Sachdeva

Release date  - October 15, 2020

OTT Platform - The Cinema Dosti

19. Golden Hole

A young, attractive woman who has lost her husband's affection falls into a golden hole. She has a variety of experiences in this place. She first has access to money and pleasure, but she quickly runs into a number of issues.

Web Series Cast - Rekha Mona Sarkar, Romit Baweja, and Bharti Koli

Release date  - June 12, 2020

OTT Platform - Kooku

20. Jassi King - The FAKR

The musician Jassi King is the central figure in the story. His life is filled with romance and music, and females have always been big admirers of his abilities. When Jassi King meets a new female, things take a turn for the worst.

Web Series Cast - Vikram Kumar, Rekha Mona Sarkar, and Nidhi Mahawan

Release date  - May 22, 2020

OTT Platform - Kooku

21. You Me and My Padosan

The story follows the lives of a man who doesn't take love seriously and is in love with several females. When one female becomes pregnant and another decides not to continue living with him, everything completely falls apart. Come and enjoy the excitement and enjoyment that is You Me and My Padosan.

Web Series Cast - Pramod, Rekha Mona Sarkar, and Soumya Singh

Release date  - May 6, 2020

OTT Platform - Kooku

22. Move On

Rahul is pals with Riya's closest friend Anjali and harbors a deep romantic interest in her. He chooses to tell Anjali that he loves Riya, but he is taken aback by her declaration of love for him. She becomes really irate and despondent.

Web Series Cast - Suraj Bharadwaj, Ajay Dhanush, Sharanya Jit Kaur, and Rekha Mona Sarkar

Release date  - February 19, 2020

OTT Platform - Hotshots

23. Chu Kat Gaya

Four young people set up a call lady for the evening. One by one, they all cater to her. However, there was more going on inside the room.

Web Series Cast - Camboy Croc, Sagar Kumar, and Rekha Mona Sarkar

Release date  - February 6, 2020

OTT Platform - Hotshots

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Introduction to Rekha Mona Sarkar: A Journey of Talent and Tenacity

Actress, model, and social media influencer Rekha Mona Sarkar is from India. On October 23, 1995, in New Delhi, India, she was born. In 2023, she will turn 28 years old. Love Love Mona is Rekha's moniker. Delhi Public School in New Delhi, India served as his elementary school, while Delhi University in New Delhi, India served as his university. Actress Rekha Mona Sarkar is becoming well-known for her roles in TV series and online series. She appeared in a song called Item. She has a lot of popularity on social media sites like Instagram because of her attractive appearance and adorable grin. She rose to fame in 2020 when she gave her greatest performance in the Kooku online serial Golden Hole.

Rekha Mona Sarkar's Impact on the Digital Landscape

Rekha Mona Sarkar has made significant contributions to the digital scene outside of the screen in addition to her outstanding performances. Sarkar is a trailblazer for women in the entertainment business who has broken glass barriers and aggressively challenged preconceptions to create a more varied and inclusive on-screen presence.

Aspiring performers and storytellers can draw inspiration from her support of gender equality and empowerment, which emphasizes the value of utilizing one's platform to promote social change. Sarkar continues to support issues near and dear to her heart, pushing for increased exposure and representation for underrepresented populations through her work and public appearances.

Looking Ahead: Sarkar's Future Endeavors and Legacy

With her captivating performances, Rekha Mona Sarkar never fails to wow audiences. There are countless opportunities ahead for this extraordinary talent. With a ton of fascinating projects in the works, Sarkar is committed to developing her craft and discovering new narrative directions.

Rekha Mona Sarkar's legacy will live on in the annals of entertainment history, inspiring future generations in the process. One thing is clear, though, as fans anxiously anticipate Rekha Mona Sarkar's next on-screen appearance: genius will always follow her.

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Rekha Mona Sarkar web series quick ascent to fame in a field known for flux and flux is a tribute to her brilliance, her tenacity, and the persuasiveness of her narrative. Sarkar's path, from modest beginnings to a renowned career in web series, is an inspiration to aspiring performers and writers throughout the world. One can only be in awe of the incredible talent's pure brilliance and variety as she continues to leave her imprint on the digital environment.

FAQs - Rekha Mona Sarkar Web Series

1. With which web series did Rekha Mona Sarkar debut?

Sarkar debuted as an actor in the Hindi TV series Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai (2015).

2. What is the latest web series of Rekha Mohan Sarkar?

Rekha Mohan Sarkar's latest web series are Hey, Love Guru, Palang Tod, Life Insurance, Hotspot, Rangili, Zoya Ki Pyaas, and Kaaya Ki Maaya.

3. What is the career of Rekha Mona Sarkar?

Actress and model Rekha Mona Sarkar started her career in these fields. Her first appearance on television came in 2015 when she was cast in the well-liked Hindi series "Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai!" She then made an appearance in the "Crime Alert" special episode "Samaj Sevika."

4. When and where was Rekha Mona Sarkar born?

Rekha Mona Sarkar was born on October 23, 1995, in New Delhi.


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