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Punjab Governor VP Singh Badnore Releases Book “The Flute And The Sword”

The Story Of Meera And Jaimal And The Rise And Fall Of Meera'

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Chandigarh , 14 Dec 2019

The Governor of Punjab  VP Singh Badnore today released the book “The Flute and The Sword” The story of Meera and jaimaland the Rise and Fall of Meera authored by Maj Gen Randhir Sinh (Retd) and co authored by Karuna Sinh which depicts the story of Meera Bai and Rao Jaimal interwoven with epic 16th century Rajputana history. The book was released during a special session organised during the Military Literature festival to discuss the various aspects and challenges faced by the author to bring historical facts and fiction together. The Author Maj Gen Randhir Sinh (Retd) speaking on the occasion said that he has tried to potray Meera's contribution, spirt of sacrifice and role of Meera as women more rather than saint. The book is a historical fiction featuring lots of Meera bhajans also.He also said that in the present modern day society the spirit of loyalty and sacrifice towards nation is dying whereas in the earlier period the men and women were loyal and were always ready for any sacrifice for their nation. The women used to send their husband, children and grand children to the battle field even knowing that they will not return back due to their loyalty and love for the nation. The book, though fiction, follows an authentic timeline as it tells the story of the two remarkable grandchildren of Rao Duda, Meera, and Jaimal. Meera was a gifted child, recognized for her intellectual brilliance and piety from her childhood. 

Her devotion to Lord Krishna was intense and never changed, even though she was married to Bhojraj, the son of Maharana Sanga. The book traces her life until she reaches Dwarka and is finally absorbed by her lord.In the book the author has shown how Jaimal, on the other hand, remained constantly at war, struggling to preserve his kingdom against powerful forces ranged against it. The constant struggle against Marwar finally leads to the destruction of Merta with the curtain coming down with Jaimal indomitably leading the defense of Chittor against Akbar.Teeming with characters well known in history, the book offers a slice of it in painful though valorous detail. Despite their tragedy, the Mertias are a force to reckon with but as the Authors put it, in the 16th Century they created their own Camelot which rose and fell within three generations.Justice Kamaljit Singh Garewal the expert during the discussion on the book said that the author has done great work to bring Jaimal and Meera together in the book with the mixture of facts and fiction. He said that the author has brought the women face of Meera whereas the people had always known Meera as a saint. Talking about the great contribution of Meera Justice Kamaljit said that even tenth Sikh Guru Gobind Singh ji has written a poem about Meera. Prominent historian Rima Hooja hosted the book release session and also presented her views about the unique initiative of the author. The Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker Shri Rana KP Singh was also present on the occasion.


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