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Everything is Going According to Plan

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16 Mar 2015

Good progress is being made in Iraq. The army is advancing and taking back ground from Daiish. They have the cooperation of their neighbours, most notably Iran, which has helped turned the tide. The US sent in countless dozens of aerial bombing missions when this all started. They accomplished nothing, a few buildings and a couple of pick-up truck blown up. Well, not nothing, each of these strikes cost 15 million dollars, up to 100 million dollars per day. The military industrial complex was thrilled... a conflict that cost a fortune and had no loss of American lives. American media paid no attention.

Iraq has been adamant that they did not want American involvement in the advance to retake Mosul. America's response to Baghdad’s success, is to warn Iraq that they are getting too close to the Shia Muslims in Iran. They don't like Baghdad snuggling up to Tehran. Iraq refused to accede to American demands, as a precondition to helping/returning to Iraq.

Leon Panetta suggested it would be a thirty year war. Iraq chose instead, a neighbour who offered to help. America offered pre-conditions, concessions, a return to an occupying army on their soil and a military action that has failed miserably everywhere it has been used since Vietnam. Iraq and its neighbours are getting the job done. NLast week it was reported that Iraqi Special Forces had arrested several of Daiish's foreign military advisors, in the Tal Abta desert near Mosul city. Iraqi's have the passports of Americans, Israelis and one from the Persian Gulf. Serving as advisers, they were all arrested in a military operation. Russian advisers have said that Mossad has been training Daiish militants in Iraq and Syria. Alexander Prokhanov said that Mossad is likely to have shared some of its spying information with the Daiish leadership, adding that Israel’s military advisers could be assisting them directly.

Today a headline in The Washington Times caught my eye; it read: ‘Jihadi John’ still has access to British bank account: ‘Incomprehensible’. 

When I clicked on it, only the now famous picture of this man, in ski a mask, with knife in hand, remained; the story was gone. Israel is infamous for scrubbing facts from the internet and the US and UK aren't far behind. This story would expose, or at least raise the question, as to how these jihadists are still getting funded. Iran is completely banned from any international banking and all of their assets are frozen, but a rag-tag bunch of renegades seem to be beyond the control of the powers that be; or perhaps they are under their control.The U.S. Military is currently conducting airstrikes in Syria with no international authorization, in a supposed attempt to take out Daiish targets. Someone should tell them that they are in Iraq. The White House and U.S. military leaders are discussing how to get boots back on the ground in Iraq, despite what Obama has said so far. A thirty year war will only benefit America, it's allies and their military industrial machine. The rest of their economic options have dissolved. They are worried. We have gotten here because of war, endless occupation and torture. The United States government completely destabilized Iraq. There is no other way to put it. US military actions in Iraq, have destroyed the infrastructure, the society, the government and the military. I won't defend Saddam Hussein, but Iraq was a stable society with good education and health care. It offered relative peace and prosperity for it's citizens. Hussein, along with Khadaffi, held a place of prominence in the Middle East and among many Muslims. None of that mattered to America. They were both leaving the Petrodollar and that wouldn't be tolerated.

The militant group ISIL, formed as a small insurgent group in Iraq in 2006. They didn't have much money, support or success and in 2009 they shifted their focus to Syria.

They were a small player, overshadowed by al-Nusra, al-Qaeda and the Free Syrian Army. The US, the Saudis, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey and Israel began providing weapons, training and money to the so called rebel groups. CNN confirmed that the weapons were being funded and organized by the CIA. John McCain insisted they would help the U.S. overthrow Bashir alAssad, the same goal as in Iraq, Ukraine, Libya, Russia, Iran.... Vietnam. It is the illegal foreign promotion of insurrection, designed to cause regime change and the collapse of any society that might some day threaten American hegemony. When Bashir al-Assad declared that Syria was under attack by foreign insurgents, the American government created the Free Syrian Army to rally that insurgency and trained fighters who ultimately became The Islamic State. The Free Syrian Army lost anything they had ever gained and proved themselves to be completely incompetent. 

They are window dressing for the American media and a funnel for arms and cash. They were artificially created as the true representatives of the Syrian resistance movement early on, except nobody but America ever paid them any attention. Their ranks began joining ISIL and bringing weapons with them. ISIL went from being a bit player to a group that was heavily armed and well trained by the US and its Coalition partners. When they were ready, they made a dramatic entrance into Iraq, capturing Mosul and much of the northern part of the country. They were only able to accomplish this because of all

the US military equipment they were able to seize, which the American military had left in Iraq. However, even when the U.S. government realized ISIL fighters were capturing U.S. equipment, they did nothing. Daiish claimed the creation of an Islamic State, in northern Iraq. After countless billions

spent on War in that country, billions more spent on training and weaponizing in Syria, with the untold billions spent on spying and the CIA on the ground for years, we are to believe that America was caught off guard. They didn't expect this one, but the U.S. did know who ISIS was, they are the group that is doing what the Obama administration wanted.

The US began conducting airstrikes on Syrian oil fields and the al-Nusra Front. I haven't heard of any sanctions against Daiish, despite America's appetite for such folly. Instead, America is sending another 500 million dollars to the Free Syrian Army; the biggest suppliers of fighters and weapons to Daiish?? They are also sending them new and more powerful weapons like anti-aircraft missiles that we know will end up in the hands of Daiish. America created a power vacuum in Iraq which lead to the arming of violent Jihadists, all in the hope of overthrowing leaders in neighbouring Middle Eastern countries.The American government armed Osama bin Laden and the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, which resulted in the creation of al-Qaeda. They put Saddam Hussein into power, facilitated his access to the chemical weapons he used against his own people and then against Iran in 1980. By 2003 he had served his purpose and he was threatening to leave the Petrodollar so he was overthrown and executed. They caused the creation of North Korea, North Vietnam and South Sudan, all using the same methods. The Americans act surprised at the turn of events in the Middle East, but that is only to deceive the American public. Everything is going according to plan.


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