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15 Nov 2014

Modi was delivering his off-the-cuff-speech on the 15th of August, making plain observations, and hitting the chord with those who are already bemused by his incredible rise to the top position. He said why does it make headlines when the officials are asked to report at their offices in time, isn’t it obvious. Of course. Every sane person knows the distinction between dos and don’ts. But doest that help. 

Probably not. Because knowing is not enough. And following is painstaking. Accumulated knowledge of ‘how to’ code is hardly decoded. It requires commitment and sincerity of the first order to abide by the age-old principles that never go wrong. But in dark periods when the vision gets clouded and we lose sight of the model code of conduct, we go astray. Then, following the right path becomes cumbersome.

There are more than one reasons why pursuance of principles becomes punishing. 

First of all it is our herd mentality that wrecks the pillars of our basic senses. We don’t wish to be an outcaste. Nobody seemingly tows the set line and we are pathetically no different. Our different behavior might put us in dock. Who’s ready for that. We wish to go easy and end up making our life difficult. Secondly, we try our best to stay mindful of living in a highly competitive world where there is no respite. All that matters is the realization of set targets. Nothing in-between is tolerated. Every hour is a rush hour. But pleasantly, whenever we witness a somebody who goes the proverbial extra mile and keep our faith in goodness and ethics glowing, we get elated and  praise profusely. May be because we see this person representing our suppressed side. Things that we have conveniently forgotten or pose to have forgotten. In either case, our encounter with a behaviorally ‘elevated’ class is heartwarming. 

Whenever we run into a type which is unlike us in terms of mannerisms, we gawk. The kindhearted display of  richly made and maintained stuff make us feel small. Reminding us that it is time to stop and take stock of the situation and reflect upon the things that we find atomic. Advertently or inadvertently. A kind gesture of extending a helping hand to someone in distress or simply observing the most basic etiquettes and duties expected out of a normal human being, we make a difference. Like the ones who make it a point to reach their offices in time. It isn’t newsworthy. Agreed. But it is appreciable. Because such people keep the system going. It is their grit and gumption that help others to sail through the choppy waters. Leaky boats can hardly rescue. 

There are times when we overlook the duty-bound heroes who unmistakably get inscribed in our psyche by the virtue of their strong sense of duty. In a maddening world how soothing and softening it is to find the embodiments of model behavior. It is the riveting presence of such men and women that our world seems livable. The need of the hour is to acknowledge and appreciate the right-doers who raise the flag of civility and give others an opportunity to peep within and weed out all that is strictly undesirable.A healthy living at all level desperately calls for a paragon(s).    


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