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False Promises and Electoral Woes

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5 Dariya News ( by Mushataq Pahalgami )

25 Oct 2014

With assembly elections due in the state next month, amid ongoing post-flood rehabilitation efforts and preparations for approaching winters, pre-electoral promises are at their vocabular best  and expectations high. It becomes important in such a scenario that the voters distinguish between deliverable committment on one hand and rabble-rousing speeches and false promises on the other. Progressive democratic politics requires that pressing socio-economic problems and long term developmental concerns of the region must be supreme in deciding who we vote for. Notions of Caste, creed and dynastic loyalty

have no place in a democratic society whatsoever. The Himalayan Welfare Organization, Pahalgam, thus urges the people of the state particularly the people of Pahalgam to pause and think before they vote. 

Look at the past performance of incumbents,    carefully examine the agenda of newcomers ask your candidates to publicy voice their committments in media and on social media so that they can not go back on their words tomorrow. Check if your candidates fulfill the requirements of the Jammu and Kashmir Public servants declaration of Assets and other provisions Act, 1983 where they are already serving in the government. Look back and judge for yourselves who has stood by us in times of need and who has mastered the disappearing act once elections got over. When we chose a representative we want our voice our opinion, our concerns to reach the assembly through him. 

Vote not for him whose sole aim is the accumulation of wealth and power rather those intent is to serve. Vote for who you think will stand up for your rights, and speak out for justice. When we exercise this very fundamental power vested in each one of us by the spirit of franchise enshired in our constitution, let us vote to make this spirit stronger!! When we go to vote this time, let us be discreet enough to vote for justice and welfare not for false promises, deception or confedracy.


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