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Train the Young Guns

Dr. Simmi Gurwara
Dr. Simmi Gurwara

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26 Sep 2014

The Prime Minister in his Independence Day speech talked about ‘skilled India’ among other things. It sounded quite reasonable because unless and until we have skilled workforce, nothing substantial can be achieved. Employability depends upon skill-sets. And skill being a special ability calls for adequate training without which the targets of growth and employability will remain a distant dream.When the 65 percent population of our country is under 35 years of age, it becomes imperative to provide proper education and training so that the greenhorns can stand on their feet and make their presence felt. Demographic pided can be reaped when we convert it into skilled workforce that can contribute meaningfully towards a given job.

Training is imparted by the trainers. There is a dire need to train the trainers, first, so that the output that they deliver is worth the employer’s while. Otherwise the picture would remain as dismal. How deplorable is this- that there is no dearth of degree and diploma holders but the requisite skills are missing. The entering behavior of the entrants to different courses remains mostly unpolished. Onus lies on the structural deficiencies that become a potent barrier.The never ending rut of pass-fail phenomenon kills the spirit of learning. If the focus remains on acquiring minimum marks to cruise through the given papers, there can be no absorption of concepts and ideas.Innovation we know is idea plus implementation. How can one expect innovations from below average mass of learners who have to cram the given information and throw it up in the exam hall without giving any time to process the information so that it gets converted into knowledge. 

Information overload is no less a bane. Excesses harm the learners’ interest. The problem is that a naïve beginner gets lost in the abundance of information that threatens to barge into her mind from every conceivable source. Social media demands time and sanity. How to use it responsibly needs to be taught. It is akin to giving sex education in schools. It is surely not about ‘how to.’ It is rather about the responsible approach that should be aimed at. With responsibility comes sincerity and that is the sine qua non of every learning program. For the uninitiated, it becomes even more pronounced. Modi is apparently serious about the said issue. Investments ought to be made in education and training to address the needs of those who are deprived and sidelined. Taking everybody along is the best way forward. When the untrained hands will receive proper training, they will deliver the goods.

Service and manufacturing sector are to be specifically targeted so that cheap labor does not remain the sole attraction for the foreign investors. The clarion call given by Mr. Modi-Come, make in India- will bear fruits when there is an elaborate plan coupled with the process to train the throbbing pool of millions who await their turn to get assimilated into the mainstream.Acche din have been long awaited. Now seems to be the time to get into action and show the difference. New government will take it up and so do we believe.


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