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Kashmir goes the Palestinian way

Rouf Pampori

Rouf Pampori

5 Dariya News

Srinagar , 26 Aug 2016

Kashmir is the replica of Palestine not because of its cultural or ethical identities but due to mutual sufferings and correlated suppression by the alien hands.the  struggle for free and independent kashmir to emancipate It from the clutches of colonial rule is not a new phenomenon bearing the fact that this paradise has been enslaved many a times through the chronicles of time.many enshrined its glory but those who bled it are not less even. it is one of the oldest unsettled issue in the world history which is being subjugated and suppressed against the wishes of its inhabitants making a mockery of whole world order.this militarized alcove has suffered beyond imaginations and over the scales of measurable limits.the will to be free is being crushed and trampled by the will of military might.The restive and resistive phase often surfaces with a lull and sudden escalating violence which alludes to the fact that the land of learning ,Sufism and mysticism is always on ambers which have been fanned by the treacherous and deceitful ways of its colonial rulers.millions lives have been lost,thousands have been disappeared,lacs turned widows and half widows but the thirst of bloodshed is not being quenched which is further feeding the resistance movement for its unending struggle.The land which was once the abode of learning,the glimpse of paradise is today the land of destitute,widows,orphans,disabled,blinds,maimed and a human race having no rights even to breath in open air.the voices are being crushed but the pellets and bullets are being are being used with no fear and full impunity.

The shift from armed struggle to civilian resistance is being seen the zenith of struggle where the age,class,strata and lineage have no bearings on the Collective resistance of a civilized society turned Into slaves by the clutches and claws of prying race of lust and lure.kashmir is not what it used to be but today the land which has been the fountain of cultures,civilizations and Faith's is now a land of lakes filled with blood of its innocent sons,its mountains and valleys hovered over by the clouds of sorrows and griefs and its serene and gushing Rivers echoing the cries,clamours and shrieks of her daughters and mothers whose honor  has been trampled and whose lap laid barren by the clutches of hungry Hawks.The civilian unrest today in the valley despite of state abetted,controlled and legitimized violence and reign of terror ushered in every nook and corner of the state is seeing no end to calm.this macabre situation alludes to the fact that a hot roaring lava of unrest and alienation was awaiting the fissure to rupture engulfing in itself the whole valley.That fissure was provided by the martyrdom of symbolic face of new age resistance of a young 21 year old resistance leader Burhan WAni and his associates.in the last three decades of armed struggle of kashmir thousands of guerrilla and Rebels were killed but the question rises as to why a small encounter in a distant village turned the whole nation in quagmire giving sleepless nights to the  defacto rulers of the state.yes,it's an embodiment of collective,inclusive and wholesome uprising of a alienated society subjected to uncalled and unimaginable cruelty,torture and abuse for decades now.

Kashmir today is trapped not only in venomous circle of death and destruction but a  victim of malicious, planned,concocted propaganda which knows no limits of lies and deceit to defame a just struggle for a peaceful and dignified life.the national and state pseudo leaders hand in glove with the jingoistic media houses are defaming the  struggle of kashmir as religious and regionalisticstrife.both press and electronic media is chocked and gaged,the medicines and supplies are dumped,the essential commodities are being blocked,hospitals are attacked including doctors and paramedics,the ferrying drivers are beaten and their vehicles torched,the injured and dead are beaten and thrown away  like a trash and the last among the thousand atrocities is the nocturnal raids during the night where the women are mistreated,men beaten to pulp-arrested and the property is damaged,dashed and smashed away.All this is not being told about a war zone but a land called kashmir.the schools colleges and campuses are being filled by security personals despite the fact that the government mouth speaks of justice education and values behind the concertina wires.this hypocrisy and deceit is only rubbing the salt on suppurating wounds.Kashmir today is not only victim of occupation and atrocity but clutched In a situation where the youth are directionless,women and children are terrorized,the seer and old are helpless and every class and strata is a fair pray of malice,frustration and psychological trauma.on one side the talk of insaniyat and kashmiriyat is echoed in air with throat out pitches in national media and on the other side the carriers of humanity and moral values of these principles who are none other than the people of state itself are made to suffer beyond imagination by the military might and neocolonial war ways.if we go by the statics of the coalition partners and the head of the state itself that only 5% people are vitiating the atmosphere,then it's really a moment of embarrassment for the country that this 5% is not being controlled by more than 5 million troopers which is being increased with every passing moment in the valley.it simply means that either the forces are least trained ,skilled and a herd of parasites or a bag of borrowed lies is hurled in the air which are none less than a self deceptiveillusions.yes,the fact of the matter is that 95% people are enlightened,adhered to the cause of free and peaceful kashmir and the rest could be the touts planted by the alien state.

 The main stream leadership is in chaos and slumber who  does not know whether they are governing the state or dragging the state because their rhetorics change with the change of geographic scales stretching from kashmir to delhi.the people are in del lima whether to search for sustenance or run for freedom of their homeland.in this chaos,confusion and frustration the people search for solace to find themselves engulfed and fettered in graves and dungeons.this economic blockade and political vacuum is only fuel to the fire lilting  the flames of alienation and estrangement from the system taken in whatsoever realm of human society.this faulty line drawn on the parallels of misnomers and self appealing approach will only suppurate the wounds which could lead to decay.The visits and adventure trips of national leadership,the hollow cries of humanity and rhetorics of free society  have lost relevance in kashmir.these leisure sojourns ,delegation and committee diplomacy have been tested and tried before by the government the fruits of which have not even seen the buds.until and unless the aspirations of the people are  respected and their wishes are taken in to account,the peace will remain elusive.time has changed,generation Has changed,the means have changed;so should change the end itself.we must remember that lands and geographies only make continents,nations are made by the assimilative and progressive humans themselves.why should india not remember the words of father of nation where Gandhi Ji says"eye for an eye will make the whole world blind".only legitimate means could lead to legitimate ends.if they could understand and rationalize their own words,kashmir will soon see the day of  peace and real solace.





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