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Kashmir separatist leaders too afraid of AAP impact

Shafiq Mir
Shafiq Mir

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Srinagar , 07 Jan 2014

Not only the national political parties like Congress and BJP are afraid of the emergence of a newly born Aam Aadmi Party led by anti corruption crusader Arvind Kejriwal, some separatist leaders operating in the state of Jammu and Kashmir are also afraid of the likely impact of this party in the state. This is evident from the statements issued by one of the separatist leaders like Mohammad Yasin Malik . Soon after the victory of Aam Aadmi Party AAP in Delhi assembly elections which shook whole of the country, JKLF leader Yasin Malik was first from the state of Jammu and Kashmir who criticized Aam Aadmi Party terming them “anti Kashmiri”. He uttered his salvo against this party without substantiating his allegation .Once again, when one Aam Admi Party leader Parshant Bhushan said that a referendum should be conducted in Kashmir valley about the presence of armed forces in populated areas and about the controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act AFSPA, it was the Yasin Malik who described Parshant Bhushan as BJP man. Interestingly, the  BJP too describes Bhushan as an agent of separatists. Not only Yasin Malik, even the tallest separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani also termed the statement of Bhushan as ‘ confusion’. It is very interesting to see that why the separatist leaders in Kashmir were afraid of Aam Aadmi Party .

In fact, the separatist leaders in Kashmir valley have always been banking on the alienated section of the society or the space created by the mainstream parties due to their corrupt practices and anti people policies. Now, with the emergence of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi and its impact all over India, a popular debate has begin in the state of Jammu and Kashmir as well to introduce this new brand of politics in the state . The separatist camp which has always been banking on the alienated section of the society is feeling a threat to their existence if this gap gets filled by any public friendly group . Feeling the pulse of the people, the separatist leaders have begin their campaign among the masses to create confusion that the Aam Aadmi Party was anti Kashmiries as said by Yasin Malik .

As per observers, the separatist camps never wanted a public friendly system and government in place in the state of Jammu and Kashmir . Because, politically, they have a reason to think so. If an honest and good government comes in power in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and delivers as per the wishes of the people, then who will give ear to the bandh and protest calls of separatist leaders . And this is the reason they always wanted such a government in place which goes against the wishes of the people and the alienation of people remains always there for the politics of separatist leaders . This was the reason the separatist leaders got frustrated when some intellectuals and civil society groups begun to discuss the AAP as an option in the state of Jammu and Kashmir . One is unable to understand that how these separatist leaders didn’t welcome the statement of Parshant Bhushan in which he had said that a referendum be conducted on the presence of Armed forces in populated areas and AFSPA. These were the issues the separatist leaders have always been raising . But when a support came to them they didn’t welcome it . It means clear that separatist leaders don’t want such acts to go so that the situation gets cooled and people get alienated from them . In this dirty politics, the CM of the state Mr Omar Abdullah was also seen on the same page when he rejected any such referendum on AFSPA. One can ask him? He was person who has been crying for the revocation of AFSPA in the past five years . And when a support came from a popular group how he rejected it . It means he was also afraid of the popularity of AAP and its impact in the state of Jammu and Kashmir . In fact, this has been tendency in the state of Jammu and Kashmir particularly in Kashmir valley, when ever any public friendly move was initiated by some one from Delhi or elsewhere , the Kashmiri leaders spread rumors against the person or group describing them as the men of agencies . And it is also fact that all these separatist leaders barring few have also been  dinning and wining together with those in Delhi whom they call as agency people at their domestic level .





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