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Deepawali Lakshmi Puja Muhurat

Dr.Baneeta Dhaliwal
Dr.Baneeta Dhaliwal

5 Dariya News (Dr.Baneeta Dhaliwal )

06 Nov 2015

Deepawali is a 5 day festival which begins on the 13th lunar day of Krishna Paksha. It starts with the 1st day of Dhanteras (Bhagwan Dhanwantari), followed by the 2nd day of Narakcharturdashi (Shotti Deepawali), the 3rd day of Deepawali (Lakshmi puja), the 4th day of Kartika Shuddha Padyami (Gowardhan puja) and ends with the 5th day of Yama Diwitiya (Bhai Dooj)  .Deepawali pujan muhurat is dependent on Amavasya date, Auspicious Lagna, Auspicious Chaoghadiya , and Pradosh kaal time.The shubh Pradosh Kaal time starts after sunset and lasts  for 2 hours and 24 minutes (approx). Mahanishita Kaal is also considered auspicious to perform Lakshmi Puja on Deepawali. Pradosh Kaal muhurat  is the auspicious Lakshmi puja time for majority of the general public.  Mahanishita Kaal is best suited for Tantrik Puja.

 In Vedic astrology there are twelve Lagna signs in twenty-four hours and they are categorized as Movable, Fixed and Dual signs. Fixed lagna are considered shubh muhurat and are auspicious for Lakshmi Puja & Ganesh Puja. If  Puja is done during this fixed lagna then Lakshmi ji will stay in the home and give her blessings. Scorpio Lagna (8) Lord- Mars : - Lakshmi Puja during this lagna is suitable for temples, hospitals, hotels, schools and colleges. People who are involved in public affairs, politics, artists,  insurance agents should also worship Goddess Lakshmi , Ganesh puja during Scorpio Lagna. Mars is the source of physical strength, energy and stamina in every field.

Aquarius Lagna (11) Lord -Saturn : - Lakshmi Puja during this lagna is suitable for sick people, people in debt, those who want to get rid of bad influence of saturn, those who are losing money in business and have accrued huge debt in business and should worship Goddess Lakshmi, Ganesh puja during Aquarius lagna. The mooltrikon sign of Saturn is Aquarius so Puja done in this lagan reduces malefic effects of Saturn.Taurus Lagna (2) Lord-Venus :- Lakshmi Puja during this lagna is the most suitable for those who stay in family, married, having kids, middle class, lower class, rural folks, farmers, salaried people and businessmen engaged in all sorts of business work and should worship Goddess Lakshmi, Ganesh puja during Taurus lagna. Taurus is exalted sign and is the mooltrikon of Moon.

Leo Lagna (5) Lord- Sun :- Lakshmi Puja during this Lagna is the most suitable for hermits, saints, world renouncers and Tantrik community and should worship Goddess Lakshmi, Ganesh puja during Leo lagna. The mooltrikon of Sun is Leo and is the source of authority and strong leadership.The general public should perform Puja in Evening Time - 17:40 to 19:35 in Taurus lagna. The Lord of Taurus sign is Venus. The deity of Venus is Lakshmi ji and their vahan is owl. Lakshmi ji will stay in the home of the worshipper and give her blessings, wealth, fortune, prosperity, money, luxury because Taurus sign is exalted sign and mooltrikon sign of Moon.   

Given Below is the time of all fixed Lagna, Pradosh kaal for Deepawali Puja Muhurat- 11 Nov 2015

                 Lagna                                               Time

Scorpio    (8)                             Morning- 07:15 to 09:35 

Aquarius  (11)                            Afternoon- 13:19 to 14:45

Taurus      (2)                             Evening- 17:40 to 19:35 

Leo          (5)                              Mid Night- 24:12+ to 26:31+

Pradosh Kaal  =                         17:23 to 20:05 

Mahanishita Kaal =                     23:40  to 24:33 +

Amavasya Tithi Begins =              21:23 on 10 November 2015

Amavasya Tithi Ends =                23:16 on 11 November 2015

There are four Auspicious Chaoghadiya Puja Muhurat-Amrit, Shubh, Labh and Char

Labh :- 06:49 to 08:09                                               Labh :- 16:05 to 17:24                          

Amrit :- 08:09 to 09:28                                              Shubh :- 19:05 to 20:45                                   

Shubh :- 10:47 to 12:07                                             Amrit :- 20:45 to 22:26                                   

Char :- 14:45 to 16:05                                               Char :- 22:26 to 24:07+

Dr.Baneeta Dhaliwal 

MD. PhD (Gold Medalist)



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