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A Guide to Buying Car Insurance in Dubai

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03 Jan 2019

Nowadays, owning a car has become a necessity for almost everyone. It has become a means of survival for people living in a city like Dubai where commuting takes a long time. Keeping that in mind, there are a few essential things that you need to do before getting your car on the road. One of the important things is to buy car insurance in Dubai to protect your vehicle from any sort of uncertainties. Whether it’s a brand new car or second-hand car, all car owners are legally required to buy car insurance as per the UAE law.That being said, buying car insurance in the UAE can be quite confusing as there are various car insurers that claim to provide the best car insurance. That is why it is essential to get clear information about the policies and benefits that they offer. It helps to differentiate between various plans and zero in on the car insurance policy meets your insurance needs. 

In this article, we have highlighted major tips to buy car insurance in Dubai. Have a look at them:

1.Opt For The Suitable Car Insurance Plan: Comprehensive Vs. Third-Party Coverage

While buying car insurance, choose the suitable plan mindfully as each of them has different benefits. In case of a covered accident, the third-party (TP) liability insurance covers your (LL) legal liability in case of death, third-party bodily injuries or third-party (TP) property damages. This type of insurance does not cover damages caused to your own property. 

On the other hand, when you opt for a comprehensive insurance plan, you get an extension of the third-party liability insurance plan. In case of a covered accident, this insurance plan covers the damages caused to the third-party as well as your own vehicle. Another advantage of a comprehensive insurance plan is that it provides coverage even for non-collision damages. Since comprehensive insurance plan offers wide protection, this plan is costlier than the third-party (TP) plan. 

If you are buying car insurance for the very first time, choose the insurance plan carefully that will provide you with the much-needed financial protection in times of trouble.

2.Have A Look At The Inclusions Of The Policy

Sometimes most people don’t check what is exactly included in the policy. They just agree on the terms and conditions and sign the policy document. As a result, they regret it later when their policy doesn’t meet their insurance needs. That’s why it is very important to know what is covered in your insurance policy. Not all the policies providecomprehensive insurance coverage. You need to check what parts of the vehicle do the policy cover and what is the maximum coverage offered. 

If something is promised by the insurance provider, then don’t forget to cross-check the same in the inclusions section of your policy document. 

3.Check The Exclusions Of The Policy

Just like the inclusions, make sure you check out the exclusions of the policy as well. Exclusion is what is not covered by the policy. It is very essential to have a clear understanding of all the exclusions. It will help you to be informed in advance about the risk that is associated in the future and you can take several precautions to avoid them. 

Following are the basic exclusions of automobile insurance plans. Take a look:

If the plan is not renewed before the due date, the policy will lapse and the insurance coverage will not be provided.

If the driver is driving with a suspended license or while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the claim will be denied.

If any accident takes place outside the pre-decided geographical boundaries, the insurance coverage will cease to exist.

4.Check The Add-ons Carefully

Car insurers offer various add-on covers in order to meet the enhanced insurance needs of the insurance buyers. Opting for add-ons is completely optional. If the basic insurance doesn’t fulfil your insurance needs, you can opt for add-ons. By doing so, you can enhance the basic insurance coverage of your insurance plan. 

The significant advantage of opting for add-ons cover is that it enables you to customize your plan as per your insurance needs. But keep in mind that this comes at extra cost apart from the regular premium you pay for car insurance Dubai. So, the cost of your insurance plan will depend on the add-ons you will opt for. 

5.What Are The Charges Involved In The Insurance Plan?

While buying a car insurance plan, most of the policy buyers are not aware of the charges that are involved in the policy. They just pay the premiums without even knowing about the coverage they get. Some insurance provider provides car insurance at a cheap price just to attract buyers. So, in this case, don’t just get influenced by the cheap premium. Check if the insurance plan meets your insurance needs or not. If it doesn’t then don’t go for it otherwise you might have to pay from your pocket in times of trouble. 

6.Compare Insurance Plans From Multiple Insurance Providers

The sole aim behind comparing insurance plans from multiple insurance providers is to get the best deal. There are a number of car insurers in the market that promise you to provide the best insurance plan but you have to be extra careful. Don’t just buy the first car insurance plan that you come across. Check out at least 4-5 automobile insurance plans and opt for the one that meets your insurance needs. So, compare each and every feature of the car insurance policy, coverage, and charges and then choose the best one.Summing it up!When buying car insurance in Dubai, you need to keep the above-mentioned tips in mind. By doing so, you won’t face any kind of hassle in future. With the help of these points, you can get all the benefits of your car insurance policy. 





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