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Food administering team invariably checks for Rice bran oil manufactured



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Kapurthala , 13 Sep 2018

As per the directions of Sh. Kahn Singh Pannu, Commissioner Food & Drugs Administration Punjab,  Sh. Mohammad Tayyab Deputy Commissioner Kapurthala & Civil Surgeon, Kapurthala, under Mission Tandrust Punjab,  today on dated 13 September 2018,  Checking drive against Low Quality Edible Refined Oils & Mustard oil with the team of Food Administration Kapurthala headed by Dr Harjot Pal Singh, Assistant Commissioner Food along with Sh. Satnam Singh Food Safety Officer.All the edible Oil manufacturers, packers, traders are strictly warned to manufacture, procure, pack, supply and sale only good quality edible oils especially Mustard Oil. As the Mustard Oil being a bit costlier than Palm Oil, Rice Bran & Soya bean Oils, these oils are added in varying proportions to Mustard Oil for uterior motives.If low quality Edible Oils  found in the premises of any manufacturer, packer, supplier, trader, strict legal action will be taken in accordance with the law.

Types of Mustard Oil :

Kachi Ghani mustard oil is also known as raw grade 

It is obtained by a process of cold pressing chain of clean and sound mustard seeds 

of species like Brassica campestris linn (yellow or brown) brassica juncealinn (lahi, rai or laha)

Pakki Ghani Mustard Oil is extracted from mustard seeds by employing processing technology of oil expellers only. ... It is made especially for those who don't like the strong smell and taste, otherwise it is as good as that of kachchi ghani oil.

How to Identify Pure Mustard Oil?

Home Tests:

1.Colour : Mustard oil usually has a dark golden brown color. If it has a lighter shade, then chances are there that your edible oil is not pure.Adulterated mustard Oil leaves dark unremovable marks on a cotton cloth though pure doesn't leave such marks.

2.Check Out The  Aroma : This is one of the basic tricks to judge, if your mustard oil is pure or not. Rub a few drops of oil on the back of your palm and take the aroma. If the smell is not that pungent, then be assured that the oil you are using is diluted. If it has a strange smell, then it might happen that the oil you are using is adulterated with other cheaper oils like cotton seed oil


1. Take small amount of mustard oil in a test-tube, add a few drops of nitric acid to it. Shake and heat the mixture for 2-3 minutes. Appearance of red color indicates that argemoneoil is present in mustard oil.

2. Take about 3 ml of mustard oil in a test-tube. Add 2 ml of Amyl alcohol in it and 1 ml of carbon di-sulphide and a little amount of sulphur. Plug the mouth of the test tube and heat it on the flame of a spirit lamp for 3 minutes. A red color indicates the presence of cotton seed oil in mustard oil.

Today total 3 samples, 1 of Rice Bran Oil, one of Paneer, one of Sauce was taken, these have been despatched to the State Food Laboratory, Kharar and the report of the analysis will be made available to the department at the earliestFurther legal action will be initiated in the court of law against the offenders as per the report of analysis of the State Food Lab, Kharar under the Food Safety & Standards Act 2006 & Rules & Regulations 2011This move by the Food department against the Food Business Operators engaged in the unscrupulous business of adulterated & spurious food stuffs will be continued in the future also to ensure that the citizens get pure & healthy food. 


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