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Traveling during pregnancy can be easy



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22 Jun 2018

Every pregnant woman’s nightmare is traveling. Our heart skips a beat every time there is a bad road or a bump. But we cannot escape from this. We will have to think of the feasible options to get this done. The most obvious solution for this is not to travel on bikes and go in a car. But that is not that. Traveling during pregnancy can be refreshing. Here we are going to talk about some of the destinations which you can visit while still being pregnant.


The cool breeze and the warm sun kissing the high tides. Beaches are any day safe to visit during pregnancy. Take a relaxed stroll along the shore of the beach. Pick a book and sit on the beach sand and read it through. The ideal time to visit a beach for pregnant women would be early in the morning around 6 AM and early evening around 5 PM. We call these the ideal time because this is when the sun is mild and the breeze is fresh. Walking on the beach and help you get a better grip on your legs and strengths it. If you are undergoing gestational diabetes, then the beach is the ideal playground for you to walk long distances.

Spiritual places:

These are definitely the place to visit. Not just for the spiritual presence but also for the ambiance. These places give you a sense of serenity and create calmness within you. These places are ideal for deep meditation. When I was pregnant, my mother made sure that she takes me to the nearby temple everyday evening at 6 PM, because we didn’t have beaches near us. Yes, I was consulting in a maternity hospital in Bangalore after my 3rd trimester.


Maternity shopping is a must. We are pretty sure that none of your clothes fit you and hence this shopping can be weird as well. Most of us feel that none of the dress is going to fit us. Being in the city of shopping at the beginning of my 1st trimester, yes I was consulting at a maternity hospital in Chennai. At my first shopping session, things didn’t go as planned. There were a lot of things that went perfectly unplanned. But the most exciting part was knowing how our bodies change when we are pregnant. This is not all the places which you can visit to shed some pressure off you. Your home could become the most exciting part of the day when you are filled with the friends and family.


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