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The Punjab government's big rigging for the upbringing of Nili Ravi (buffaloes)

''Nili Ravi Pedigree Selection Project '' running in Firozpur, Amritsar and Tarn Taran districts



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Ferozepur , 31 May 2018

The project was taken up with the help of the World Bank to save the species of milch cattle disappearing by the World Animal Organization. Animal Husbandry Department, Punjab, with its deliberate wisdom, was formulated to further promote the breed of Nili Ravi Buffalo and Sahiwal Cow and sent it to the Government of India. The Central Government has given a green signal to the project considering the importance of this project: So this project is being implemented by the Government of India under the guidance of Animal Husbandry Department, Punjab Livestock Development Board through the National Dairy Development Board Anand (Gujarat).What is Nili Ravi breed and birthplace?Basically, Nili and Ravi are two different breeds, but they do not have much difference.These two races were mixed and it became difficult to separate, since 1950, scientists began to accept both breeds as one and it has been registered by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, whose registration no: India_Baffalo_1600_NiliRavi_01002 ". Based on the 2013 Animal Census, this breed is found in Punjab, besides Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Bihar. According to this census, Neeli Ravi breed of cattle is 78528 in Punjab and there are 1,29,411 in the whole of India. It is also found in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. 

The color of Nili Ravi buffalo is usually black, but it can also be brown  and the four feet, mouth, bow, tail is white, apart from this, the breed's eyes are white. The buffaloes with all these signs are also known as Panj Kalyani.Nodal Officer of Ferozepur District Dr Jaswant Singh Rai said that this project was started in 50 Animal Institutions  Ferozepur, Amritsar and Tarn Taran districts in the year 2014, Under which 20  in Amritsar district, 18 in Tarn Taran and 12 centers in Ferozepur district (Sandhe Hashim, Khai pheme Ki, Talwandi Bhai, Ghal Khurd, Bajidpur, Kot Kror Kalan, Vahaka Wasti wakila, Dhanna Shahid, Fatehgarh Sabran etc.). Three villages have been added along with every veterinary hospital and total 36 villages of the district are being covered. According  to Project Co-ordinator Dr. Tejbir Singh Randhawa and Nodal Officer Dr.  Jaswant singh from 1/11/14 to 28/2/18, 8035 in Amritsar, 5096 in Tarn Taran and 4952 Nili Ravi buffaloes in Ferozepur were imposed, out of which 1536 of Amritsar, 1088 of Tarn Taran and 1159 children of Ferozepur. The figures for Nili Ravi's rectangular improvement are positive result of cattle under this project. Goals set by the project are going to achieve more than 90%.

Under this project, milk of any bullied buffalo of Nili ravi is 2400 liters in the first dose, If it has more than 3,000 liters in the second need, then he is given the best animal (Elight Animal) certificate from the department. The bunches produced from the best blue ravi buffaloes have different fulfillment requirements and are aimed at purchasing under various types of diseases.  Nili Ravi breed is a happy movement of animal husbandry in the district. Where the disappearance of the Nili Ravi breed has started to grow again, there is also an increase in the milk production of livestock, which is strengthening the livestock economy.Dr. Roy has urged the Animal Husbandry to get pregnant concoction from buffaloes / cows near the government animal institute near them so that the sale of artificial semen can be stopped and to save the livestock farmers of Punjab from economic losses. 





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