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Shiekh Imtiyaz inspirational cricketer of Downtown youths neglected by selectors talent goes waste voluntarily serves for cricket



5 Dariya News (Mudasir Maqbool/Rouf Pampori)

Srinagar , 08 Apr 2018

Even state governments tall claims that sports infrastructure has been improved and various trophies open for cricketers to boost cricket and selected deserve cricketers for national level to engage the youths of J&k.Crores of rupees has been spent on stadiums,sports facilities etc a story from srinagar youth is totally opposed to government claims.Sheikh Imtiyaz a youth All rounder in cricket world s/o Shiekh Mohd Anwar of Nawa Bazar srinagar of 30 years old talented cricketer in bowling segment. His has elder brother and four sisters and have been married and his brother lives separate house.Today Imtiyaz has alone with his mother and father died 17 June 2016 after his death Imtiyaz suffered lot of problems in life his father was supportive to Imtiyaz especially in cricket carrier and His father was a Labour in medical company which was his only income for livelihood in daily life imtiyaz belongs to poor family.fathers death changes all life of Imtiyaz and first impact was his education.,then cricket carrier.His academic carrier suffer and he studied only class 12th in commerce subject .Due to poor family he didn't take further studies himself takes his responsibility run the house and his lone mother.He said after death of my father it was Nazir Ahmad Ronga Advocate J&k High court which helps me in every field and give me opportunity to serve as assistant to him.

Due to his bless Today I run my house and serve my mother. Imtiyaz first joins Sangam cricket club where he play cricket, then represent J&K in under 19 ,under 22 and best opportunity was when he played Ranji Trophy and he was selected as mediam pace bowler in state level.His performance was best among all especially in bowling. According to Imtiyaz during my time we lost all matches because the J&K was weak team and selection process was not correct and Don't matter what you have if you have approach and money you will be selected whether you know cricket or not. I am among suffered of that because I was not approachable boy nor was Royal family due to poorness of my family and my talent goes waste even I do good performance in field and selectors neglected me.. These days he run and coached down town youths and want they became good cricketers their talent dont go waste like me .He requested state government to choose selector who almost knows cricket in any field either bowling or batting I see selectors they don't know cricket and they comes from political approach and became member of management every cricketer should be selected on performance base not political interferences so that a good quality players go for national as well international level and become Kashmir proud and inspiration for other  valley youths.He also demanded to the state government to improve the play ground and organize tournaments in every district and supported talented cricketers financially so that best cricketers Will come out.





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