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SAD Accepts Govt Challenge, Party To Set Up A 1,20,000 Strong ‘Force For Democracy” With Minimum 10 Volunteers From Every Village

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Chandigarh , 10 Dec 2017

The Shiromani Akali Dal  president Sardar Sukhbir Singh Badal declared today that his party  “ fully accepts the challenge of a repressive and incompetent Congress government in Punjab on the denial of democratic rights for raising our voice in favour of the beleaguered Punjabis who are feeling cheated by this government. ” “The government is resorting to ‘goondagardi and repression’ to suppress democratic opposition and distract attention from their betrayal of the Punjabis on the tall promises made to them. But we will force this Cong govt to be accountable to the people. ” said Mr Badal talking to media persons this afternoon after a meeting of the SAD Core Committee. Sukhbir said, “ I dare this government to arrest me anytime anywhere instead of acting like cowards and carrying oppression against ordinary akali workers. But the govt is in for a shock even from these brave workers each one of whom carries the legacy of Taksali Akali courage and spirit of selfless sacrifice. We are inspired by history

of defiance against the Mughals , the British and the repressive Congress rule at the centre and the state. No Akali will  bow before these repressors. But if the govt has courage, let them act like grown ups and fight it out with me and my colleagues rather than common workers.“ Regarding the inconvenience to commuters during the Akali dharnas, Mr. Badal   said , “It really hurts me deeply and I very sincerely apologise to each and every one of the  students, ladies, children or the sick and elderly people who had to face this inconvenience.  

But I also request them to understand that the dharnas were not about Akalis but about the rights of the common man to elect civic bodies of their own choice for progress and development in their areas. How can the people elect representatives of their choice if they are denied this opportunity   by disallowing everyone except Congressmen to  contest,”said Mr Badal.He also thanked the people and the party workers and leaders for the “rousing success of the dharnas, “though these were staged at an emergency notice of just a few hours and yet the people turned out in enthusiastic numbers and rattled the government out of its slumber.But the Taksali Akali spirit was at work throughout and it carried us through.” Flanked by senior senior Akali leaders including Jathedar/s Ranjit Singh Brahampura, Sukhdev Singh Dhinds and Balwinder Singh Bhunder,  Mr Badal said that the Congress governments had “learnt nothing from history.They don’t even know that they are digging their own grave  by following a policy of confrontation with the Akali workers. We thrive on challenge and pressure. This runs in the blood of every Akali. The more they suppress us, the more quickly and forcefully will we spring back into action,” said Mr Badal.Earlier, a resolution passed at a meeting of the  Core Committee congratulated the party president on  the success of the dharnas and for “delivering a telling blow on the head of a sleepy ,insensitive and corrupt government in the state.” In his media interaction, Mr Badal said that “there is no rule of law in the state” and issued a strong warning to  the  officers, the officials ,especially those in the police force, who have ‘discarded their uniform in  exchange for Congress dress code. I warn these officials to mend their ways and start acting as per the rule of law immediately or be ready to face the cruel and long arm of law.  They better discharge their duties as fair and impartial servants of thepeople,” said Sukhbir Singh, adding that ‘the way things are heading, this government may not last even the remaining four years.  We are

keeping a close and vigilant watch on each one of these officers,” he said. Mr. Badal said that there is no such thing as a constitutional government in Punjab. “The state Chief Minster is not even in charge.It is a free for all,” he said,  “and the Congress legislators  and local Cong leaders are ruling the roost. This government will not complete its remaining four years”. Mr Badal announced the setting up of a statewide “Force for Democracy”  with a minimum of ten (10) volunteers from every village –a total of 1,20,000 workers in the state who will work as vigilantes against the Congress and against state repression. Mr Badal said that he would himself lead  a delegation of the party MPs to  meet the National Human Rights Commission  and apprise it of the total collapse of rule of law and human rights in Punjab. “We will give them complaints BY NAME against politicians and officers or government officials with irrefutable  audio, video , documentary and visual evidence. We will seek concrete action against the guilty. A delegation of senior leaders from the Core Committee will also meet the state Governor in this regard.The former Deputy CM, Punjab, also said that the SAD would file a petition in which also we will give evidence against officers and politician BY NAME and with conclusive evidence , and request the court that complaints against the accused be investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)  as no one had any faith left in the state law enforcing agencies. “We have a fool proof case against the guilty officers and leaders and against their unlawful activities as well as  conspiratorial nexus for questionable motives.”  

In addition, Mr Badal said that a cell has been created in the party head office which would act as “Vigilance Authority” and keep records of government officials and officers including  the police who are violating the  rule of law for repression against Akali workers .“When we form the government, we will hand over these cases to a sitting judge of the Punjab and Haryana High Court for expeditious disposal and punishment to the guilty.”Badal said adding that the pro-democracy dharnas have ended whatever doubts anyone might have had on who the real opposition in Punjab is. “ Earlier, the Core Committee, through a resolution, said  it had no faith in the state government . The party would file a petition in the High Court to seek a CBI probe into the nexus between the state government officials, especially from the police, and the Congress leaders to short-circuit democracy.The meeting was chaired by the patron in chief and former Chief Minister Sardar Parkash Singh Badal and attended among others, by …. Mr Badal said that the the party’s dharnas were  fully vindicated by the subsequent actions fo the government in registering cases against Congress workers and leaders and withdrawing sections 307 against Akali workers


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