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District Kupwara still lags at its basic Duties

5 Dariya News

Kupwara , 26 Jul 2017

District Kupwara is a well know District for its growth in last couple of years.The District is growing and developing.But some Reasons are still left behind in its downfall and backwardness and improper  cleanliness in the main heart Of District main  Town Kupwara.District lags in cleanliness of main drainage system and main tracks of Kupwara Town.Tracks  for Pedestrians  are used by shopkkeprs for their personal material and all showoff of their material .Shopkeepers use more space then they really own everywhere in the market such jumbeling of materials of shopkeepers is visible.Closed tracks also lead to  Traffic problems in the main Town, No proper place for smooth walking for padestarians  and parking is seen in the Town.Covering to save the material and shops from high temperature of Sun that leads to the Fault in hightation lines of PDD department. Some of the locals living in the main market Kupwara complain that some of the drainage and tracks are left uncleaned that later cause loads of problems for us. Even sometimes it results in the  blocked drainage .Some locals also claim that, local municipal committee sweepers don't perform their duty on daily bases , they some how manage to come here and clean the streets and drains after 20 to 25 days. They do it  by their wish and don't really Care for what  they have to perform and they are appointed for and their daily based duty is.

Some shopkeepers told that we  clean the drain by our own even when they don't come here daily to do what they are supposed to do.While talking to one of the Muncipal committee official told to 5 Dariya News  that, such cause are really found. We are also looking for the solution for the Same . As talking  about the the cleaning,sweeping and proper drainage system we will look into the matter seriously and we will definitely appoint some of our sweepers there,  We had 35 Sweepers early and at present we have lost some of them as because they died and we will soon appoint new sweepers and we will fullfill other places as well so that none of such issue will comeup in future .While comming to the next point about the blocking of Padestrain  Track is a Better point, We will soon launch a operation against them and we don't allow them to put all their stock on the tracks that's all against the rules and ethics. People face many problems and  this also leads to the Smooth running of traffic . So we will look both the issues seriously and take a batter step . So that no-one will have to face any kind of consequences .We also want General Public to cooperate with us in this mission so that we will eliminate such cause from our District . General Public cooperation is must added the Muncipal Committe Official.


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