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All-party delegation visit, follow up meeting meaningless to Kashmiris: Asiya Andrabi

‘Not people, Indian forces perpetrating violence in Kashmir’

Rouf Pampori

Rouf Pampori

5 Dariya News

Srinagar , 07 Sep 2016

Chairperson of Dukhatarn-e-Millat, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi, on Wednesday said that the recent visit by the All-party delegation of India and now the follow up meeting held in New Delhi meant nothing to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.“Our goal is that we want Kashmir free of illegal Indian occupation. The resistance movement will continue no matter how much we suffer but we will take it to its logical conclusion. So the visits or the follow up deliberations and the outcome of such futile exercises were useless and futile for the people of JK,” Andrabi said in a statement to CNS.Deliberating upon the minutes of the meeting that have come out into the media, Andrabi said that it wasn’t India but the pro-freedom camp that has rejected their offer of holding talks. “It is the pro-freedom camp that has rejected all their attempts of holding a dialogue with India under its constitutional purview. So their rants that they won’t talk to hold no weight,” she said.She said that other things discussed in the meeting and have come out so far was that they have unanimously declared that “JK is an integral part of India.” “We have been listening to this from the past seven decades and they (Indian parliamentarians) continue with such rhetoric,” she said.

But, she added, interestingly the meeting also said that there was no place for violence in a civilized world. “These parliamentarians need to explain which country do they mean when they talk of a civilized world and who do they refer to when they talk about perpetrators of violence,” she said, adding, “The whole world knows that JK has been occupied by a brute uncivilized country and then men perpetrating violence here are its armed forces.”She said that the reign of terror unleashed by India on innocent Kashmiris form the past seventy years had nothing civilized about it. “The world is witness to the fact that the not only the people’s movement but the armed struggle of Kashmiris is carried out in most civilized manner as no civilian is harmed while as on the other hand, the 10 lakh Indian forces deployed in JK have so far killed lakhs of Kashmiris, raped women in thousands, enforceable diapered more than 10000 of our youth, blinded us and is still perpetrating what can be termed as worst crimes against humanity,” she said.“In the past two months only, more than eight of our children have been killed mercilessly, thousands are still in hospital, hundreds have lost their eyesight and youth in enormous numbers are being tortured within police stations. From a 5-year-old girl to an 80-year-old person, pellets, bullets and now pava shells have been showered by these Indian forces. So these parliamentarians must explain what they are referring to when they talk about a civilized nation. To our understanding, India sure doesn’t fall under this category,” she said.   

She said that use of such brute force against unarmed civilians was either done in Israel or India. “Surely these two countries can’t claim to be civilized. People of Kashmir throw stones on these forces only when they are rained with bullets and pellets. No civilized nation can term a group of innocent people, who are desperately trying to save themselves from being hit by bullets, pellets or pava shells, as violent. It is the Indian armed forces who are perpetrating violence on the streets of Kashmir and not Kashmiris who pelt mere stones when they are being attacked by bullets,” she said.“So I want to ask the champions of justice in the world that who is civilized. Is it the children with pebbles in hand or is it the Indian forces who shower bullets   and pellets without any provocation and kill innocent people?” she said.Andrabi said that it India spends most of its budget on defense forces and then uses them against innocent Kashmiri civilians. “Is this culture of a civilized nation that every day more and more forces are deployed to suppress innocent civilians? This culture isn’t followed even in jungles. But with surety it can be said that India is following a culture that is even worse than what is followed in places where the jungle rule is in place,” she added. (CNS)



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