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Aasiyeh welcomes Pak’s move of sending envoys to highlight K-issue

‘People, leadership must isolate black sheep ’

Rouf Pampori

Rouf Pampori

5 Dariya News

Srinagar , 27 Aug 2016

Chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi, on Saturday appreciated Government of Pakistan’s (GoP) move to send its 22 parliamentarians as envoys to different countries to highlight the Kashmir issue and the present ongoing Indian aggression on people of Jammu and Kashmir.“This is a welcome step taken by GoP. Pakistan has always highlighted the Kashmir issue and what people here have been facing under the illegal Indian occupation. Once again it is Pakistan which is making all efforts to help the oppressed Kashmiris by taking our voices to the International Community,” she said in a statement.“It is also the moral obligation of Pakistan to help Kashmiris to take this movement to its logical conclusion,”She further urged the people not to be bogged down by the propaganda against the people and the resistance leadership unleashed by the government of India and its puppet government. “ GoI and its puppets are frustrated as they feel that they are losing the ground in Kashmir with every passing day. They have begun to feel that their 70-year-old occupation of Kashmir is under threat and that is why they are trying every possible trick to extend it,” she said.“That is the reason that they are trying to discredit the resistance leadership among the people and the people among the resistance leadership,” she said.She said that people should pay no heed to such propaganda and should understand that it is yet another cheap tactic by GoI and its puppets. “From the past 50 days, since the martyrdom of Burhan Muzaffar Wani R.A, people have been religiously following the resistance progarmmes and are protesting. 

During this period not only have we lost 76 of our children but people in thousands are also injured and are in hospitals,” she added.She appealed people to remain steadfast and not let this movement die down. “We have taken a pledge since the martyrdom of Burhan Muzaffar wani that we will take this movement to its logical conclusion i.e. to free JK  from Indian occupation,” she said.“ So people should remain steadfast and should vociferously demand nothing less than the right to self-determination.She said that there was an utter need that people as well as the resistance leadership expose and isolate the black sheep present in their ranks.“These black sheep will try to use every tactic to sabotage what we have achieved and will achieve by pursuing this pious movement. We have to be extra vigilant so that the evil designs of these evil persons can be failed at all levels,” she added,” she added.She also urged the resistance leadership to keep a close eye on the developments on the deceptive announcements about talks by the GoI a. “This is all drama and we must remain vigilant. People should also keep a close watch on the pro-India politicians and their activists and shouldn’t allow them any activity that harms our cause,” she said addressing the resistance leadership.She said Kashmiris have to take up all those initiatives that shake the Indian political writ on Kashmir. “Our resolve should be so strong that India should be forced to acknowledge Kashmir as a disputed territory. For that we have to shake the illegal Indian political writ at its base,” she added.“Only people’s power can do that. So people should bring more intensity to this movement. The sacrifices people are making will be written in golden words in the pages of history. So we have to remain steadfast and with the help of the Allah the Almighty we will take this movement to its logical conclusion,” she added.    


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