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Violation of Instrument of Accession root cause of unrests: Mustafa Kamal

Takes strong exception to Geelani’s statement

Rouf Pampori

Rouf Pampori

5 Dariya News

Jammu , 02 Aug 2016

Taking strong exception to the statement of Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani that mainstream politicians is the reason for current unrest, death and destruction Dr. Sheikh Mustafa Kamaal, Additional General Secretary J&K National Conference said the veteran leader would be well advised to recollect his role in J&K politics especially since 1972 and Assembly elections when his party the Jamat-i- Islami was made to win six seats unopposed to 5th Legislative Assembly from Anantnag District; four seats ( three from Anantnag District & one from sopore his own) in the 8th Legislative Assembly again his victory from sopore in the 6th Legislative Assembly.It is also an universally accepted fact of history that National conference under the leadership of Sher- I – Kashmir late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah freed the people of J&K from the shackles of serfdom of one hundred years long oppressive feudal rule in 1947 under the infamous “ treaty of Amritsar” between Maharaja Gulab Singh and the East India company of British signed in 1846. As a result of J&K was sold for a paltry 75 lacs of “Nanak Shahi rupees to the Dogras. The horrendous details of this century long oppressive period is well documented. It is also a fact admitted by even the opponents of National Conference that it was Pakistan backed tribal invasion of J&K in 1947 in the formative year of the partition of the Indian sub- continent into India and Pakistan that compelled the then ruler Maharaja Sir Hari Singh to ask for military help from India which was given only when legal justification of the Instrument of accession was obtained in black and white under the seal and signature of the Maharaja . 

At the instance of India UN brokered Armistice between the two Armys of India and Pakistan in the same year thus paving the way for truncating J&K into two parts of India Administered part and the Pakistan Administered part. This arrangement continues to be supervised by Military observer group of the UN in India and Pakistan UNMOGIP since then till date.National Conference took charge of the Government after Maharaja Sir Hari Singh abdicated in 1948 and the very first task was the emancipating of the impoverished people and freeing them from the clutches of Jageerdars, chakdarrs, Soodkhwars ( money lenders ) and Baigaar and serfdom. The other success story is the vibrant institutions of Health, Education , Handicrafts , Agriculture , Horticulture , Food and supplies , Public transport , power sector, Public infrastructive and communication and Auqaf etal.Had the great Sheikh the founder of National Conference not taken upon himself the shaping of J&K as a welfare state in 1947 -48 people would still have been what they were before 1947 impoverished slaves waiting for India and Pakistan under UN auspices to act even seven decades down the lines.Anger, hate, malice, jealousy, ill – will back bitting are negative Human traits which cloud the intellect and God Almighty has expressed his displeasure of these traits in the Holy Quran and that jealously eats away good deeds.The root cause of the repeated episodes of un-rest from 1947 has been violation of the instrument of Accession, based on it the Article 370 of the Indian constitution and the Delhi Agreement of 1952 by successive Governments since 1953 to 1975 The current unrest has been the most violent and highly angry unrest so far.Leveling veiled and preposterous insinuation ( without naming ) against the epitome of sacrifice for the peoples liberation from one century long oppressive feudal serfdom of the Dogras late Sheikh Mohd Abdullah “ of taking people towards temples instead of Mosques” as has appeared in todays papers in Srinagar attributed to syed Ali Shah Geelani the veteran Hurriyat leader is a canard deserving condemnation by one and all which only denotes political bankrupsy of the leader.If any thing the great Sheikh lead to the revival of Islam in Kashmir after decades of suppression. The Grand mosque at Nowhatta was used as stable for the royal cavalry and the Shrine of the highly revered saint sultan –Ul - Arafeen Sheikh Hamza Makdoom at Kathi darwaza was used as Armoury of the Maharaja and mosques in Srinagar were mostly under lack and key before 1947. Sheikh Sahab was the first chairman of Muslim Auqaf Trust when it was launched before 1947 at Hazratbal and stayed in that capacity till his death in 1982 except for a brief period when Baskshi Gulam Mohammad Seized control with the great sheikh “ tucked safely away in Jail . 

He soon realized his mistake and restored it to sheikh Sahab . The upkeep repairs, renovations , Additions and alternations of all religious places including mosques was done over the years which not only ended their decades of neglect but also important and in some cases invaluable assests of Muslim Uma were given a new lease of life. He fought against injustice and oppression from 1931 and won the battle in 1947 when power was transferred to the real masters the people of J&K .My appeal to Geelani Sahab is to shun his misplaced and false notions of National Conference and its founder of which he has been a part once and use his influence in cooling tempers and correcting the waywardness of youth which is jeopardizing their future instead of wasiting time on egoism before it is too late and every thing goes up in smoke.I respect Syed Ali Shah Geelani being in old age because God commands “ respect your elders and pray to God that There will be people who will respect you in your old age.” I would offer my plea also “ Do not be among those who desire indecencies should spread among the believers as they will have a painful chastiment in the world and the hereafter - Al Quran . For Allah is with those who restrain themselves and those who do good”Also “God commands justice and kindness and giving their ( due to ) near relatives and He forbids all shameful deeds and injustice and transgression . He admonishes you that you may take heed.Aslo “ Allah cannot be blamed for man’s evils nor will he deal unjustly with man. He has given him faculties as means of guidance . It man goes wrong, it is because he wrongs himself - Al – Quran.And seek in that which Allah has given thee the Home of the hereafter and neglect not they lot in this world’ Be good to others as Allah has been good to thee; & seek not to make mischief in the Earth; verily Allah loves not those who make mischief. (KNS)



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