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“Agree To Day-To-Day Hearing” : Bikram Singh Majithia Dares Kejriwal, The Accused

“Why wait six months. Prove charges against me and send me to jail in weeks or be ready for years behind bars”

Bikram Singh Majithia
Bikram Singh Majithia

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Chandigarh (Punjab) , 30 Jul 2016

The Punjab Revenue Minister Mr Bikram Singh Majithia   today challenged the Delhi Chief Minister and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal to show the moral and political courage to agree to a day-to-day hearing in the defamation suit filed against him by the Akali leader in an Amritsar court.  Mr Majithia said that it had  taken just one appearance before the court to expose Kejriwal as a thorough coward and his daily boasts against senior statesmen in the country as mere nautanki. “From a wild accuser, he has been reduced to a mere accused. The accused is  now running for cover like a frightened hare. Will he like to tell the people why did he enter the court from the back door.  Instead of showing the confidence to ask for speedy trial as an accused, he is

seeking long gaps between hearings in this defamation case in which he faces certain jail.  “This must have been a huge let down for volunteers who expected him to act like a   hero and to throw some bombshell against me in the very first hearing. They went back badly shaken and disheartened, watching their hero pulled down from high tower to be named an accused , and literally begging for delays in proceedings in the case,” said Mr Majithia. “Why wait for six months even? You do  not  have to wait for that long to put me behind bars. You can achieve that goal in a matter of weeks. All you have to do is to agree to a day-to-day hearing in this case, prove your charges on drug-trade and open the doors for a court conviction against me. Come and face me daily and get it done with. It won’t be six months but just days or weeks before either you or I go to jail. 

Let people see who ends up where. I dare you to take up my challenge,” ” said Mr Majithia in a statement here this afternoon, adding that the only reason why Kejriwal is seeking long delays between dates of hearing is that he just wants his Nautanki to carry on till the elections in Punjab after which he hopes to  resort to his favourite trick of apoligising, as he and his party always do after every sin and crime they commit. “But this time, I won’t let him wriggle out  with this hypocrisy. I will pin him down. Only one of us will remain free and in politics now. Its either him or me.”   “And Mr Kejriwal, in Punjab it is not the government that will send You to jail. It is the judiciary. Come and face me daily if you have the courage ,” said Mr Majithia referring to Kejriwal’s boastful challenge asking Majithia to arrest him within six months or face arrest himself  The Akali minister said that AAP leaders and volunteers in Punjab felt terribly let down   to see their hero acting like a coward and begging for long gaps between one hearing and another. They had come expecting him to throw some bombshell and  expose me before the courtin the very first appearance,” said Mr Majithia.  In  a statement here this afternoon, Mr Majithia said that even as an accused,  Kejriwal  acted like a novice in  unsuccessfully trying to browbeat the judiciary through state-wide posters pasted at his behest across the state by the AAP workers on the eve of hearing in the defamation suit. 

The SAD legislator from Majithia further said that as a complete outsider, Kejriwal knew nothing about the spirit and resolve of Punjabi youth  to taken on challenges. He went on leveling wild charges of drug addiction against an entire generation. 

The outsider Kejriwal, who is now an accused precisely because of this conduct, had offeneded and enraged the youth of Punjab through his wild and irresponsible allegations against them. The massive and spontaneous surge  of revulsion against Kejriwal  seen in Amritsar yesterday must have opened his eyes to the ground reality in Punjab. “Despite massive mobilization through social media, newspapers and other means to impress their leader, the   AAP  managers in  Punjab could notmobilize even  decent  gathering of supporters. The SAD issued no appeals on social or other media   and yet Punjabis. But the youth of Punjab came in large numbers to show him  what they think of  his daily vilification of them  as drug addicts. ” Mr Majithia said that the Delhi Chief Minister   had gotten into the  habit playing cheap theatrical somersaults as he had been emboldened by the decency and civility shown to him by senior and respected statesmen in the country despite  his wild and reckless allegations . “But now Punjabi youth has challenged  you to demonstrate moral and political courage to live up to  your bluster and bravado against everyone, ” said Mr Majithia.


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