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DeM supports shutdown call on Tuesday

‘Targeting students is cause of concern’

Rouf Pampori

Rouf Pampori

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Srinagar , 10 Apr 2016

Supporting a strike call given by resistance leadership for April 12th Dukhtaran-e-Millat president Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi Sunday said that India was testing the patience of Kashmiri’s.In a statement issued to KNS, she said that a new wave of hatred and fanaticism against Kashmiri Muslims have engulfed India where our people especially students are being targeted which is a cause of concern.Aasiyeh Andrabi said that it was just after a so called government was formed, after a long drama, Hindu fanatics are encouraged to such an extent that they started harassing Kashmiri’s even in Kashmir not to talk of Indian states where harassment of Kashmiri’s have become a norm.

She said that it is for the first time Indian students attacked the locals and vandalized property in Kashmir.Andrabi further said that the Indian students despite being on fault play victims and Indian politicians and a section of media is shamelessly spreading lies and making Kashmiri’s present situation in different Indian states vulnerable.Andrabi said “While attacking and booking of Kashmiri’s, on frivolous charges, in India has become a routine criminal behaviour of Indian students in Kashmir is not only ignored instead they are presented as victims and used as a tool of propaganda against Kashmir.”She said that had Kashmiri students even spoken in a higher tone they would have been booked under so many black laws and put behind bars.

Dukhtaran e Millat president said that Kashmir kept calm and exhibited commendable patience despite the provocation by the goons and their Bosses back in India but this patience, as always, is misunderstood as a weakness.She condemned some fanatic jokers from Mumbai trying to come to NIT to instigate already encouraged Indian goons against the local students in general and common people in particular.“Kashmir has been calm throughout the NIT crises drama but let this patience and calm not be mistook for our weakness, world knows us for dying for honour and dignity,” she said.She said “India in general and its fanatic forces in particular were playing with fire and should stop provoking and testing our patience”.

Dukhtaran e Millat president said that those, who have been selling the dreams of so called honor and dignity for votes, have sold everything for the lust of powerless chair.

She said that on one hand Kashmiri students and common people face a new wave of violence and fanaticism and on the other hand the sacred graves of great Mujahideen are being desecrated which is not only indecent but inhuman too. “Is this what they called the confidence building measures and claimed to be discussing for months together” she asked.Andrabi supported the strike call for 12th April which will be followed by protests and said that it will not be only a protest against the fresh attacks on Kashmiri people and desecration of graves of Mujahideen but a warning for India that she should stop the madness and act like a normal country not a hub of goons who are known by their hooliganism. (KNS)



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