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Love Is A True Wealth, Distribute It : Nirankari Baba

Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj
Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

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Chandigarh , 15 Nov 2015

Love is a true wealth, lets earn it and distribute it to the world. Prophets never preached hatred, then why do their followers, their believers hate each other and fight? Love never cause tension, only hatred does it. Mohinder Singh Ji, Chandigarh Branch Sanyojak, Sant Niranakari Mandal told that this was observed here by His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj, Head of the Sant Nirankari Mission, while addressing the first day’s open session of the 68th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam late last evening here. The 3-day Samagam is being attended by lakhs of devotees of the Mission from across the country and many other God-loving people. Thousands of devotees have come from other countries of the world.Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj said that it is a great paradox that people who claim to be the followers of various saints, Gurus and prophets create the walls of hatred in the name of caste and religion, fight violently with each other and cause bloodshed while they never preached so. Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus Christ, Hazrat Mohammad, Guru Nanak and his successors never asked their followers to erect walls of hatred. They all preached the message to build the bridges of love. Their followers are, however, doing the opposite and then complaining too to be truly religious. 

That is why, Baba Ji said, we are talking here in this Samagam about a world without walls. This theme was first discussed at Niranakri Youth Conference held in Canada earlier this year and the present Samagam is also seeking to focus the same.As Martin Luther King Junior said – The mankind must end the walls before the walls end mankind. So, saints here call upon mankind to realise this well in time and shun to create walls and divide humanity. There is no barrier for love, he said. It is hatred that causes burden, not love. And let’s not carry this burden beyond this life, otherwise even our soul will continue to suffer in one body after the other.His Holiness said that saints always preach love so that man comes near man. Let him understand that negative feelings will never end unless hatred leaves our minds and hearts. He will neither become a true human being nor a true religious believer. On the other hand he will continue to be known as an animal or a devil. Saints, therefore, advise man to identify himself as a true human being by his behaviour of love and not merely by human body. Let him not earn a bad reputation here and thereafter. 

Baba Ji said, the Mission has always endeavoured to bring man closer to man not only through spiritual awakening but service to community also. When we undertake the drives like tree plantation and cleanliness, other organisations also come forward and join hands. And the Mission is earning praise for this everywhere. In UK, the Mission got the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award for our initiatives towards the service of community in UK. In Australia also we earned praise for overwhelming contribution in a campaign to plant one million trees. Today, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal also appreciated our efforts to bring about cleanliness and remove pollution both from outside and the mind inside. Let’s, therefore, continue to follow this path of bringing down walls and building bridges, removing the gulf wherever it exists and helping man to come closer to man. 

SewaDal Rally

Today, the Samagam began with a colourful Sewa Dal Rally. Thousands of the Sewa Dal men and women in their respective uniforms assembled to rededicate thousands to the service of humanity and seek the benign blessings of His Holiness for the same. Several members of the Sewa Dal from abroad also participated. Selfless service to humanity is treated here as one of the best modes to express one’s devotion to God. 





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