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18-Mar-2019 Sharjah

SWSF to Unveil Arab Women Sports Tournament 2020 in Cairo

Sharjah Women Sports Foundation (SWSF) has confirmed participation at the first International Conference for Arab Women’s Sports in Cairo on March 28 – 29, 2019, during which the visiting delegation will reveal details of the Arab Women Sports Tournament (AWST...

12-Feb-2019 Sharjah

Germany’s Focken Tim Registers Sharpest Aim at IWAS World Games 2019

Opening day of International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports (IWAS) World Games, Sharjah 2019 has seen tough competition being introduced by all participating nations, bringing the level of the contest and excitement to the top. Germany’s Focken Tim scooped gold...

12-Jul-2018 Sharjah

SSFALaunches Promotion Campaign at the General Authority for Sports

The Sharjah Sports Family Award (SSFA)’s Board of Trustees conducted a workshopon Wednesday (July 11) to shed light on the second edition of the award, its goals, categories and participation criteria at the General Authority for Sports.Organised by the...

30-Mar-2018 Sharjah

SBWC Sponsors Innovative Businesses

The Sharjah Business Women Council (SBWC), one of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment’s (NAMA) entities, sponsored four of its members to showcase their startup businesses at STEP 2018, one the region’s most experiential entrepreneur events.With a focus...

11-Feb-2018 Sharjah

Bahrain Clinches AWSTAthletics TitleWinning 11 Medals

Bahrain’s Busaiteen Club were crowned with the title of athletics in the final games that were held on the seventh day of the fourth Arab Women Sports Tournament 2018 (AWST), which concludes today (Monday) after 11 days of thrilling competitions that have witnessed...

11-Feb-2018 Sharjah

Egypt, Sharjah and Jordan:Contenders of AWST 2018 Basketball Cup

Egypt has placed itself at the top of the table after a convincing win against KSA’s Jeddah United with a score of 108-68, in the sixth round of basketball competitions in the fourth edition of the Arab Women Sports Tournament 2018 (AWST).The fourth edition...

10-Feb-2018 Sharjah

Algeria and Bahrain Strike Gold in AWST 2018 Athletics

Bahraini and Algerian athletes continued to dominate athletics competitions that were held on Thursday as part of the Arab Women Sports Tournament (AWST), which runs until February 12. The fourth and largest edition of the AWST is being held under the patronage...

10-Feb-2018 Sharjah

Top-drawer Performance by Bahraini and Algerian Athletes at AWST 2018

Eleven athletes from 11 Arab nations came together to attain glory at the athletics competitions of the Arab Women Sports Tournament 2018 (AWST), which commenced recently at the Al Thiqah Club for Handicapped in Sharjah.The competitions formed part of the fourth...

09-Feb-2018 Sharjah

Jordan’s Mo’atah Wins Gold at AWST 2018 Table Tennis Competition

The 7th day (Thursday) of the Arab Women Sports Tournament 2018, in its fourth edition under the title “The World is Your Court… Together Victorious”, was received with a grand celebratory occasion, with Jordan’s Mo’atah Club securing the Gold medal for...

09-Feb-2018 Sharjah

Bahrainall the Way in AWST’s25m Pistol Final

Bahraini shooters reigned supreme at the Arab Women Sports Tournament 2018 (AWST)’s 25m pistol finals contest yesterday, with shooting expert Mouza Ali hitting an awe-inspiring score of 21 points, followed by her peer, Ayesha Al Buraiki, who claimed the contest...

09-Feb-2018 Sharjah

Sharjah Sports ClubThrough to the AWST 2018 Volleyball Final

The bet was on a hard fought and close contest in this game, after Kuwait’s Al Fatat Club gave a spectacular performance against their Omani opponents in the last match they played, but the Sharjah Sports Club for Women made it look like cakewalk with an...

08-Feb-2018 Sharjah

Jordan’s Mo’atah Club Paves the Way for Table Tennis Semis

Jordan’s Mo’atah Club has continued its winning-streak towards a place on the podium after reaching the semi-finals through a 3-2 win against a defiant Bahrain Club at the Arab Women Sports Tournament 2018 (AWST).The fixture was a game of catch-up from the start...

08-Feb-2018 Sharjah

Sharjah and Bahrain Right on Target for Archery Golds

Sharjah Sports Club’s Sumaiya Al Mansouristormed to victory to take the individual archery gold medal after defeating Al Bahrain’s Sarah Marzouq with a score of 6-4 at the Arab Women’s Sports Tournament 2018 (AWST), which is being held under the patronage of...

07-Feb-2018 Sharjah

Jordanian and Egyptian Equestrians Clinch Gold Medals in Show-jumping

Jordanian and Egyptian clubs provided the crowds at the Arab Women Sports Tournament 2018 (AWST) with a superb range of riding skills in the show-jumping events to clinch gold medals in individual and team competitions held on the third day of the fourth, and...

06-Feb-2018 Sharjah

Bahrain Hits Gold in AWST 10m Rifle Team Competition

Bahrain dominated the shooting competition at the Arab Women Sports Tournament 2018 (AWST), winning gold in the team final of the 10m Rifle and taking a silver in the individual event, just behind Kuwaiti Mariam Al Razouqi but ahead of third place Omani Siham...

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